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Sujatha – An Immortal Writer

Sujatha Rangarajan– The Man who inspired me a lot for writing. I was awe-inspired by his versatality. He has written in almost all genres, from Sangathamizh to Science Fiction; fromAganaanooru to Astro Physics; from Naalayiram Dhivya Prabandham to Nanotechnology. He was the first writer to introduce Computers to common man. He was a Prophet, who had predicted the computerized world in the early 70s. Being an Electronics Engineer, he started writing as an amateur author which gave him an Identity.

I came to know abt Sujatha from my mom when I was 10. There was a Scientific serial “En Eniya Iyandhira” that was telecast inDoordarshan on Mondays. He wrote about computers and Robotics in the 80s, which might be an inspiration for Director Shankar to make his magnum opus “Robo aka Endhiran”. (In fact, Robot was written for Kamal during his Indian days, with Preity Zinta as female lead. But due to the high budget and some other reasons, it was dropped.) That time I haven’t watched the movie Vikram which is based on Sujatha’s Scientific novel with the same title. As a small boy, I liked the Robot Jeeno of En Iniya Iyanthira.

Mom has told more about his novels that were made into films.GayathriPriyaVikramKaraiyellam Shenbagappoo Ratham Orey Niram (His only Historic Novel), etc. Ninaithale Inikkum’sstory was by Sujatha. Among which Karaiyellam Shenbagappoowas filmed exactly as the novel. But it would have been better if it was directed by a good director. His thriller novel came as a serial in DD “Kolaiyudhir Kaalam” that introduced me to Ganesh and Vasanth, the main characters created by him.

There are still many fans for ganesh and Vasanth. Ganesh is a calm and composed advocate; Vasanth is his naughty Junior and always talks about sex and the fairer sex. Director Vasanth changed his name for films because of the Vasanth character. Vivek played the role of Vasanth in Kolaiyudhir kaalam. In fact, he did full justice to the Vasanth. Once Sujatha said in an interview that he’s 50% Ganesh and 50% Vasanth. That is evident from his youthful writings.

Later actress Suhasini directed Sujatha’s crime novels as bi-weekly serials in Sun TV with actor Suresh as Ganesh and Vijay Adhiraj as Vasanth. Suresh with his wooden expressions spoiled the character of Ganesh whereas Vijay Adhiraj was just ok. Still i remeber an episode “Edhaiyum Oru Murai” where a psycho rich man wants to try everything in the world and eventually he would die by trying suicide. That’s “Edhaiyum Oru Murai

I became an ardent reader of Sujatha when I was in 12th, via his“Katradhum Petradhum” in Anada Vikatan. He dealt with the topics, which normal man cannot think of. In my 2nd yr B.E., I joined a nearby Lending Library and started reading his books. I was taken aback by his Creativity and Imagination Skills that were far ahead of his age. His first novel “Nylon Kayiru” was wriiten in early 70s i think, but the style was so westernised. I like his Srirangathu Devadhaigal,Kanaiyaziyin Kadaisi PakkangalPirivom Sandhippom (Both parts), Apsara, and almost all the stories with Ganesh and Vasanth. He implements Science and Technology in his stories. In early 80s, he had written about COBOL Programming language and its codings in his Apsara, which is about a Psycho Computer Programmer in Bangalore who kills by writing COBOL coding. He would be caught as there were very few programmers in Blore, but today??!! He had very good knowledge in Carnatic Music too.

He encouraged new talents and gave them recognition in his writings. Shankar and Mani Ratnam made use of him as Dialogue Writer works in Films like Indian, Mudhalvan, Boys, Kannathil Muthamittal, Aayidha Ezhuthu, Shivaji, and Endhiran (Concept of Sujatha).

P.S: This was written by me in my previous blog last year same day. Due to lack of time I just did CTLR+C & CTRL+V. Now I wonder how the man had time to write a lot inspite of having several other works.

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Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya- Review

Vinnaithandi Varuvaya, the much expected and much-hyped movie of Gautam Vasudev Menon with Simbhu & Trisha in the lead is released today.The songs already hit the chartbusters with A.R.Rahman’s Magical Music which helped create anticipation for the movie. I watched FDFS (First Day First Show) today at Maayajaal 9 am show. It’s not only the music that induced me to watch the film FDFS, but it’s the director’s depiction of romance on screen right from his debut Minnale which I watched 3 times in theatres by bunking the college for first time. Even in action films like Kaakka Kaakka and Vettayadu Vilaiyadu and family drama like Vaaranam Aayiram, the romantic scenes are refreshing with cute & chirpy dialogues. Since it’s a full-fledged romantic movie I never wanna miss FDFS and this time I bunked office for the first time.

The movie is all about Karthik, an aspiring film maker and Jassi, a program Analyst working in Polaris. It starts in Jassi’s wedding at a Church where Karthik narrates his flashback. We simply forget Simbhu and Tisha and can see only karthik and Jassi romancing. He falls in Love with the ravishing Jassi at the first sight so similar to Surya’s Love at First Sight for Meghna in the directors previous movie Vaaranam Aayiram. He almost imitates Surya in most of the shots. He comes to know that she’s a year elder than him but still he proposes Jassi without knowing anything about her and she refuses it. She goes to Alleppy to spend a week vacation with her grandma. Soon Karthik follows her to Alleppy to say sorry to her.  This time the director himself has added a dialogue referring to VA. Seems Gautham is still in VA hangover. Meanwhile he befriends Ganesh, a cinematographer and tries to join as an assistant to director K.S.Ravikumar with his reference. Ganesh supports his love and accompanies him to Kerala. Karthik asks Jassi to forgive for his behaviour and wants to be a friend with her. Jassi likes the way he proposed and also the way he said sorry. She likes his courage and befriends him like Meghna of VA. She starts loving him but denies to accept it since his parents are staunch Christians  and will never allow to marry a Hindu guy. But she wants to be with him just as a friend. Their parents come to know about their affair and Jassi’s parents arrange for her marriage while Karthik’s parents shift their house to another area. Jassi leave for Kerala for her marriage. Karthik goes to Kerala with Ganesh and narrates the story to us till this part.

The story has the twist in its 2nd half which is the highlight of the movie. Unlike other Gautam movies, the 2nd half is pretty interesting despite its slow pace. I don’t want to disclose the twist. It has a very good feel of romance. I bet that it would rekindle your Love in the present and in the past and it would take a long time to come out of the impact.

Both Simbu and Trisha have given their best performances till date. Both of them share a good chemistry. Trisha sheds her glam doll role and steals our heart as Jassi. Simbhu sans his finger mannerisms, punch dialogues, double triple meaning sleazy dialogues makes a strong impression as Karthik. To say in Thamizh, adakki vaasichirukkaar. He’s simply mindblowing when he describes the girl in his heart. Apart from the lead couple it’s Ganesh who comes throughout the movie without breaking the flow of the movie. Thanks to Mr.Menon for not casting a popular comedian for that role which would be a compromise for C Center audience. K.S.Ravikumar comes now and then as director and makes us laugh st times. Bob Anthony, the yesteryear villain does a neat job as Trisha’s stubborn father. His brother looks like a pucca rowdy with Gautham’s rugged voice. We can’t believe it’s Trisha’s brother. Very bad choice. Her mother- Ayyo Paavam!!! Kitty and Uma padmanabhan are just okay as Simbhu’s parents. Why they were not shown in the 2nd half? His sister doesn’t make any mark. Simbhu’s voice modulation could have been better.

Music- The greatest asset of the movie right from the beginning till the end with excellent background score. I don’t like all the songs since they are lyrically-challenged. I thought Thamarai had less job to do with 6-7 lines per song with repetitive verses. But it’s so much related to the movie. Esp Kannukkul Kannai & Mannippaya. The bitter truth is the lyrics are dominated by Rahman’s Music unlike Harris’ who gives importance to lyrics in some songs. The picturisation of Hosannah, Omana Penne and Kannukkul Kannai are visual delight but I didn’t like my favourite Mannippaya on screen. It lacks the feel that Shreya Ghoshal has in her voice. It was picturized as a happy duet instead of the melancholic lyrics. It should have come after their separation. Similarly the picturization of Aaromale is also not so apt as far as the lyrics are concerned.

Manoj Paramahamsa is the eye of the director. The locales of Alappuzha, Malta Island, and Sinbhu-Trisha’s house are treat to watch. We can feel the story is happening in our next home. He’s done a fabulous job post Eeram.

A special mention to singer Chinmayi who has done a wonderful job by lending her voice to Trisha with exact Tamil and Malayalam accents. The way she says Karthik is sooooo lovely and romantic. Does she have a BF named Karthik? Great job Chins! Also to Nalini Sriram for giving decent and elegant costumes to Trisha and making her looking gorgeous. (Esp the first blue saree till the red saree in the climax). Simbhu too looks so smart with his casual shirts.

On a whole, the movie is a must-watch. If you watch movies for time-pass and expect action, masala, item numbers, it’s not your cuppa. It’s not for those who see movies, it for those who feel movies. After Alaipayuthe, I loved this as a full and full romantic movie without any action, comedy sequences (almost after a decade). Don’t miss it if u love LOVE!

My Rating : 4/5


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Gorgeous Trisha

Trisha has not been my favourite actress since her debut movie Laysa Laysa which was released after Mounam Pesiyadhe. She didn’t do justice to my fav Manju Warrier who did the same role in Malayalam Original “Summer in Bethlehem”. I liked her when she won the coveted Miss Chennai Title and I pasted a pic of her on my cup-board during my school days that created a lot of expectations for Mounam Pesiyadhe. Though I didn’t like the film at all, I liked Trisha who had the girl next door image. But when she came to our college as a special guest for one of the college functions before Laysa laysa’s release, I didn’t like the attitude she showed. She didn’t impress me as an actress with her wooden expressions in most of her films. Still I like her in very few films like Ji (esp in Ding Dong Kovilmani song), Abhiyum Naanum, Kireedom (Her chemistry with Ajith is so cute) and AMAV in Telugu (just love her intro song). I’ve never kept her picture on my laptop desktop as wallpaper. But I was so much attracted to her stills from her upcoming Vinnaithandi Varuvaya that made me keep her picture as my desktop wallpaper. I love her makeover which is simple and elegant. Gautam Menon has the midas touch to make his heroines look angels on screen. Sameera Reddy is the best example in Vaaranam Aayiram. She has an item girl image in Bollywood but Gautam has changed her look totally in VA as the bold and beautiful Meghna. Similarly, Trisha has become simpke yet elegant Jessie of VTV.  Surprisingly, this week’s Ananda Vikatan has the same picture of Trisha in its cover page which decorates my laptop.

P.S: When an average looking Simbhu is shown as a smart & charming guy, why can’t a beauty like Trisha be shown gorgeous. Hope she would have acted well in Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya.

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New Blog Rank

My blog is ranked 72/100. My blog’s first rank was 50 in Sep 09. Then the rank in October was 70. In November, it was ranked 71. But it got down to 70 in December ’09 and again got 71 in January 2010. Now it’s got the so far highest rank 72. After my 100th post, I’ve become serious about blogging. I’m gonna aim to get higher ranks for my blog.

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Karthik Excels A.R.Rahman

I got to listen to the songs of Ye Maayam Chesaave, the Telugu remake of Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya starring Naga Chaitanya and Samantha Ruth Prabhu in the lead roles. The songs of VTV didn’t impress me much since I expected a lot from Gautam-ARR combo. As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, my favourite number is Mannippaaya and that too only for Shreya’s excellent rendition. Not for ARR whose words are not at all clear. He didn’t even pronounce the word velicham properly. But surprisingly Karthik has replaced ARR in Telugu version of Mannippaya (Vintunnaava). Though it’s not his mother-tongue his pronunciation is too good and the words are crystal clear. I don’t know the language but I could write those words in English while he’s singing. I just love the way of his singing. I like him a lot since Oliyile Therivadhu. He’s the best among the singers of this generation. My roomie Arun and I lamented that Rahman could have given the song to Karthik in Tamil too. Undoubtedly Shreya rocks in both. She’s just awesome in Telugu like the Tamil Version.

We got to watch th videos of VTV Audio launch function held at Satyam in youtube. We missed the program on Pongal which was telecast in Kalaignar TV. All the songs of the movie were sung by the singers on stage like unplugged. For our surprise, Mannippaya was sung by Karthik instead of Raman. We were so glad to listen to Mannippaya sung by Karthik. The only problem is Chinmayi. She couldn’t match Shreya. Still Karthik’s version was a delight for us. I guess, after listening to Karthik’s version, even Rahman would have felt that he did a mistake by crooning himself. That’s why he let Karthik sing in Telugu. Another surprise Hosanna was sung by Shrinivas. He could have sung in the movie too instead of Vijay Prakash. When Karthik sang the title song on stage with nothing but a guitar background, it was literally treat to the ears. I envy him for his heavenly voice and singing. The whole day I was humming the  male version of Mannippaya. Love you Karthik!!!

P.S: As usual, my caller tune is now changed – from Shreya’s Mannippaya to Karthik’s Vintunnava


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My Name Is Kaarthik

Ah… I’m writing the 100th post of this blog. So the post should be something special. I’m special for myself. I love myself a lot. Ya I’m a Narcissist. Here I’m gonna pen down the specialty of my name. Not Kaarthik. But Karthik in general.

Karthik/Karthikeyan is the one of the most common names in Tamil Nadu like Amit in North, Satnam in Punjab, Sourav, Prosenjit, in Bengal, etc. Every other is named Karthik and shortly called Karthi. But mine is quite special with an extra “a” which my friend Rachana says the extra “a” denotes my arrogant attitude. I never mind. That’s what I am. I stress other to write my name with double “a”. Even I tell my friends to save my name in their mobiles as “KAARTHIK” not “KARTHIK”. Since my school days I am one of the Karthiks in my class. So we used to get differentiated only with our initials. Yet another “a”. Yes, I was called A.KAARTHI, not even A.KAARTIK till I complete my schooling. So I never liked my name which is so common. When I asked my mom why I was named such a common name, she told that was a modern name when I was born. Thankfully, when I joined collegeI was the only Karthik in my class. But some other Karthiks were there in other sections who are still called BK, CK, MK by my friends. As I belonged to Instrumentation Dept, i was called “Instru” Kaarthik. Later I was nick named KAARU by my friend Manikandan. It was quite uncommon and I like to be called Kaaru. Some of my friends who are girls (Not Girl Friends) call me Kaarthik and not Karthi. I like when I’m called with the end “k”. I started loving my name after knowing it’s Girls’ one of the most favourite Boy names. I too have fans for my name alone. Thanks to them.

Karthik in Films:

I started liking my name after watching the movie “Alaipayuthe”” where the hero maddy’s name is Karthik. That was the first film that has the protagonist’s name as “Karthik”. That is one of the most beautiful romantic films  and my most favourite too. Interestingly, Maddy and I share the same DOB and my name is hi first screen name. The scene in which Shalini asks for his name and he says Karthik and she asks him whether he’s rich, brat, loafer and says that such type of guys waste time like going behind girls. The movie was released when I finished my 12th. When I entered college, everyone said the same dialogue after asking my name and my reply. From seniors to my batch mates even some lecturers used to say this dialogue after hearing my name. I kinda enjoyed it. The next movie with the character name is in Rhythm. Arjun’s name is Karthikeyan but fondly called “Karthi Sir” by the small boy. But the film didn’t become much hit like the former. Since Alaipayuthe, it became a trend in Tamil Cinema  to name the hero as Karthik for a romantic, casanova, soft and sophisticated characters. Generally celluloid Karthiks have Gemini traits since Mani and Maddy are Geminis. Me too a perfect Gemini.

Vinay in Unnale Unnale (90% of my character), Prithiviraj in Mozhi, Bharath in Nepali, Shiva in Chennai-600028, Irfan in Pattalam. But I didn’t like Aarya as Karthik in Sarvam. He was not at all suitable for Karthik character with an unromantic voice and drowsy eyes. I prayed that Simbhu’s name should not be Karthik in Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya. But couldn’t help it. When I read about Vishal’s character in Theeradha Vilayaattu Pillai, I guessed his name would be Karthik for sure and my guess didn’t go wrong. It seems that the name has created fascination in Bollywood too. Farhan Akhtar’s upcoming flick is name Karthik calling Karthik. The good thing about this Deepika Padukone will be romancing Karthik

But my all-time favourite romantic character is Mouna Ragam Karthik whose screen name is Manohar. He’s the perfect example to define Karthik with a kinda romantic, mischievous, a Sweet Rascal & a Lovable Idiot in short.

P.S: I’ve posted some incomplete posts before which I thought I would complete before my 100th post. Hope I wont post any such entries further and try to complete them.


Highest Traffic

Yayyyy my blog at last got the highest traffic yesterday with 446 views after 4 months. The last busiest day was on Sep 26th 2009 with 417 views. The most viewed post is till date is “Priyanka Beats Kamalhassan”, my blog about Priyanka’s 12 avatars in Waht’s Your Rashee? much before the movie’s release. The busiest day was the next day of the release. Now my post “MM4 Winners” has become the most viewed post since I posted a day before its telecast. It’s amazing that there are lot of fans for Maanada Mayilada. My recent post “Aayirathil oruvan Deleted Scenes” tried to become the most viewed post but it could make upto 278 views of my blog in a day. I thought it’s because Bollywood fans are more than Kollywood. But MM4 has incredible no of fans. Kudos to Kala Master!!! Am waiting for MM5.

P.S: But after the results are known it didn’t get much trafffic today.

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