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Michael Jackson – 1st Death Anniversary

Today marks the first death anniversary of the pop superstar Michael Jackson. It was a great shock all over the world last year. The mysterious death of Michael Jackson created a stir. Though I’m not a big fan of him, I mourned for him as a Music Lover. Jackson was introduced to me by my uncle Kalli who is crazy about MJ and considers him as his Mentor. His room had MJ posters and I came to know about him when I was 7 or 8. Kalli Mama was my senior in school and a terrific dancer in our school. Still I remember the Annual Day Function where he performed for Dangerous song and got oncore from the audience. I was in 2nd std and he was in 9th std then. I knew only about the plastic surgeries undergone by MJ and I used to tell my mom that I would undergo such a surgery like him to become fair.

Though I dont listen to Pop music, I had only one cassette of MJ (Dangerous) which was given by Kalli mama. The music was used in Indu (Metro channel song) and also in Kushi (interlude Yaar solvadho). Prabhu Deva, who’s popularly known as the Michael Jackson of India has used many of his movements in his early movies like Gentleman, Love Birds, etc. The graphics in the song “Maya Machindra...” from Indian was also inspired from one of MJ’s songs.  I wished him to do atleast an album with AR.Rahman. But unfortunately it didnt happen. May His Soul Rest in Peace.

Note: This is an excerpt from my previous blog.

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Raavanan Climax Song

It’s become a habit to Mani Ratnam to cut a song in his films which is present in the Audio Album and compensates by adding a short bonus song in the film. It all started with Bombay with two awesome add-ons Malarodu malaraaga and Idhu Annai bhoomi without cutting the other songs. Alaipayuthey’s Endrendrum Punnagai & Mangalyam Thanthunanena were pleasant surprises though it couldn’t compensate the deletion of second stanza of Evano Oruvan. Kannathil Muthamittal’s Sattena Nanaindhadhu was so cute and romantic that made forget Sinhala flavoured Signore which . In Raavanan and Raavan too Kaattu sirukki and Ranjha Ranjha has been deleted respectively and Naan Varuven and Jaa re ud jaare are added at the end, crooned soulfully by the Mozart of Madras, A.R.Rahman himself.

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Raavanan Vs Raavan

I got to watch Raavan too on the first day itself. I felt so happy and proud to be a great movie buff among my friends by watching both the versions on the same day.

Raavan is not so good as Raavanan. In fact, worse than Raavan in terms of casting and performances. When the stills of Raavan & Raavanan were out, I felt Abhishek would be a better Raavan than Vikram. Mainly because of the cruelty he showed in his eyes and his height. But Vikram proves he’s the Raavanan in acting. None can beat Vikram in dialogue delivery and voice modulation. Rohini’s voice helped a lot to Raagini in Raavanan more than Aishwarya’s own voice in Raavan. Like Ash, Rohini’s voice also became a bit older. (On a positive note, both Ash and Rohini’s voice were so fresh in her debut Iruvar). Govinda is equally good as karthik in bringing out some laughs but when he jumps over trees it looks funny bcos of his weight. I wonder why Mani chose Ravi Kishan who is no match to Prabhu.

Vikram looks good but his big Raavanan mush doesn’t suit for Hindi Ram. But shaving his mush would spoil the characterin Tamil. Prithviraj being beaten by Vikram is believable but Vikram getting thrashed by Abhishek  is quite incredible. Surprisingly, Priya Mani is good in both the versions. Ranjitha and her Hindi counterpart has no scope at all. Vyapuri as eunuch is a wow. He has more scenes than her.

The audio is better in Raavan. But the film Raavanan is better than Raavan. Santosh Sivan, Ash, Vikram & Priya Mani rock in both whereas Mani is missing in both.

Overall Rating

Raavan : 2/5 ; Raavanan : 3.5/5


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Raavanan Review

It’s not a review. It’s My View.

I just watched the much awaited Mangnum Opus of the Mani Ratnam . This is the second Mani film I’m watching on the 1st day (1st is Guru) and the 1st film to watch the First Show itself.

Plot: The story is known to all. If you don’t know the epic Ramayan, ask your grandparents. Mani has interpreted the bits and pieces of Aaranya Kaandam and Sundara Kaandam of Ramayanam . As the title says, it’s more about Raavanan and not about Ram. Veera (Vikram), a naxalite abducts Dance Teacher Ragini (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan), the beautiful wife of Inspector Dev Prakash (Prithviraj) who is transferred to Veera’s area to arrest him. Dev starts his journey in pursuit of Ragini in a forest where Veera is hiding. His intention is to kill Raagini  but he falls in love with her boldness and beauty. Karthik, a Forest Officer helps Dev to find Veera. Prabhu is Veera’s brother. Raagini comes to know that the Police Team is the reason behind Veera’s sister Vennila’s (Priya Mani) death. Finally Dev finds Raagini gagged and blindfolded in the forest and leaves the place without Veera. But the twist is in the end. Like Rama suspected Sita’s chastity, Dev too suspects Raagini’s chastity. Unlike Sita, Raagini takes a decision  which is the twist in this modern Ramayana.


Every frame and every shot bears the Mani Ratnam Stamp. Santosh Sivan is the real hero of the movie and has done a laudable job. He’s not only the eye but the backbone of the film since the story is a known one. If he’s the hero, the forest and the Adirampalli falls are the two gorgeous heroines. The forest, waterfalls and all the locations are captured excellently by Sivan’s lens. Can’t believe some of the sets which are so real. Especially the hanging bridge and the Ranganathar statue. Performances of the lead actors Aishwarya (with Rohini’s playback), Vikram and Prithviraj are remarkable. Karthik and Prabhu make the movie go with a flow.  Rahman’s music is always great support for Mani’s films. The songs are already chartbusters that helped the movie get its anticipation. The final action sequence between Veera and Dev is classic and Mani has to do more than this in his next.


The first Minus is the director Mani Ratnam himself. He has created records in film making. Unless he beats his own records and standards, the film will be an average. Same goes to A.R.Rahman and Vairamuthu. The legends didn’t match to their own previous benchmarks. The relationship between Veera and Raagini fails to make an impact which is the main theme of the movie. The absence of Writer Sujatha is so obvious. Suhasini’s dialogues are very average. The picturization of other songs are also not convincing which is USP of Mani films. Keda kari is quite good with a typical Mani style of song but the temple and the ambience doesn’t gel with Tamil. It suited well for Kata kata in Hindi. My most favorite song “Usure Pogudhe” doesn’t come at the right place. People would die to watch Mani films even if the length is 4 hours. But why have you shortened the length to 2 hours and 7 minutes? So the gap between the songs Kodu potta and keda kari is very less. Costumes are worst though the scope is less. Sabyasachi is keen in exposing Ash’s cleavage than his costumes (Like Manish Malhotra). Especially in Kalvare song. Suhasini would have done better.

We know it’s the story of Ramayan. But almost all the characters being kept referring or indicating unlike Thalapathy. The number “14” is being stressed time and again. 14 minutes, 14 days, 14 years… phew! It’s too much to make Karthik jump over trees. It reaches its peak when karthik says “Vidiya vidiya Ramayanam kettu…”.

On a whole, the movie is watchable despite all the minuses. After all it’s our own Mani’s film. The minuses can be excused for this one man. But certainly it’s not one of Mani’s best.

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Alka Wins Super Singer Junior 2010

The much awaited results of my favourite show Airtel Super Singer Junior of 2010 are out. My favourite contestant, the much-talented Alka Ajith wins the title as expected. The Grand Finale is being telecast Live in Vijay TV. The special guest actor Karthi Sivakumar presents the award to the  winner. Shravan is the Runner up. Shrikanth wins “The most Popular Singer” Award. (His father looked so upset, not sportive man!). Roshan and Nithyashree win the consolation Prizes. Sri Nisha and Priyanka win Special Prize of Rs.1 Lac each.

The show was started at 6.30 pm. Despite being a regular viewer of the show for the past few weeks, I missed the first few performances. I thought the show will be telecast at regular timing. So I started late from office. But I saw Alka performing Singara velane deva in a shop and rushed to home. Apart from the performances of the contestants, there were some surprising performances. Andrea started singing “Idhu Varai…” from Goa which was a pleasant surprise and Ajeesh, the winner of Super Singer 2009 joined her. Both were average on stage. IMO, Alka sang better than Andrea on stage. Then she crooned her solo number Maalai Neram from Aayirathil Oruvan. The camera zoomed to Karthi in the audience and finished with an English song. Singer Karthik sang “Uravugal Thodarkadhai…” from Aval Appadithan. He was as usual, flawless. Stephen Devassy is the star of the show with his fingers doing magic on the Piano.

The most surprising package is Anchor Divya’s performance for Thoodhu Varuma and Konjam Nilavu. She is good at both singing and dancing. She hosted along with Siva Karthikeyan, who doesn’t match her. Not only by looks, his speech which is more local doesn’t suit nor match Divya’s polished and stylish anchoring. Still some people laughed at his mokkais (Poor jokes).


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Singam – A Good Entertainer

It’s not a Review. It’s just my view.

Since more than 6 months, I was expecting for Singam. It’s not because he’s my favourite actor of this generation, but it’s his 25th movie. But teaming up with Hari irked me as the duo’s previous Aaru and Vel are 2 big mistakes in Suriya’s career (IMO). When Sun Pictures bought it, I lost all my hope for the movie and just ignored it. So I didnt wanna watch it before any review. But when the reviews are good, I was not able to book ticket in none of the major multiplexes. So the last option at Mayajaal clicked and watched today with my mom, bro, aunt and cousin. For my surprise, the film was not bad at all. Though action, masala, commercial flicks are not my cuppa, I enjoyed the movie.

Suriya has done a tremendous job by portraying a sincere and angry cop Durai Singam. He moulds himself for each and every film and that yields him lot of accolades. Though the action sequences are overdose with punch dialogues, they get ignored by the brilliant screenplay. The first half has nothing much to boast aout. A typical Hari film. It’s the second half that makes us sit at the edge of the seat. I just felt like watching a Dharani film (Obviously not Kuruvi) Most of the scenes reminded me Dhil, Dhool n Ghillie. Prakash Raj is as usual too good in his stereotypical baddie role. Anushka too did a good job unlike the glam doll heroines who appear just for songs. Vivek’s comedy makes us laugh in very few scenes. The cheap humour and vulgarity in the comedy is the worst part, though we can tolerate most of his mokkais. Vijaya Kumar, Nasser, Radharavi and Nizhalgal Ravi have done decent job, but veteran actress Manorama and Delhi Kumar are just wasted. Music is a minus. None of the songs stays in mind. The chemistry between the lead pair sucks mainly because of Suriya’s height.

Suriya entered the film industry in 98. 25 films in 12 years is a very less count, yet it shows the quality of the actor to give quality films. Unlike Vijay, whose 50th film is no different from his other films, Suriya is on the right path. But I wish to warn not to repeat the masala and also not to work with taller Heroines.


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100 Days in My Home

It’s been 100 days since we shifted to our Chennai flat. On March 4th 2010 we (Mom, bro & I) moved into a rented flat at Thiruvanmiyur leaving my dad at our native Erode (as he has 3 more years of service). I proudly say it’s my home since I made this house a home by filling my favourite things and paying rent in my own money. It’s so nice as if I own this.  I wish to own a home soon.


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