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Padma Bhushan Got Honoured

Indian Government has honoured our Mozart of Madras A.R.Rahman and the Ace Actor Aamir Khan by announcing this years Padma Bhushan Awards to them. But the honourary award itself got honoured when Maestro Ilayaraja was announced to get that. Awards should be given as recognition. In that case, Maestro should have been awarded 2 decades back. When A.R. Rahman is awarded Padma Bhushan, his Master should get more than that. Even Padma Vibhushan is less for the achievements he has made. He should be awarded Dada Saheb Palke and Bharata Ratna. This award may be a feather in his cap, but not a crown. It’s like Jayakanthan was awarded Gnan Pith years later he did wonders with his writings. Egoistic JK commented that Gnan Pith was an endorsement and not a recognition to him. Wish to see Isaignani with Bharata Ratna.

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56th National Award Winners

The winners of 56th National Awards were announced last night. The awards were given to the films that were released in 2008. Unlike last year, this year South Indian films has got very few awards but Director Bala has made us proud by winning one of the most prestigious awards- Best Director for his 4th Film Naan Kadavul. It also bags  another award for Best Makeup (for showing the beautiful Pooja as an unidentifiable beggar). Bengali film Antaheen is adjudged the Best Film of 2008. It stars Rahul Bose with Aparna Sen and Sharmila Tagore. It also gets other three awards for Best Cinematography, Best Lyrics and Best Playback singer-female. I’m soooo glad to know Shreya Ghoshal wins the coveted award for the fourth time in just 6 years. The specialty of this year is she gets the award for two songs. One in the Bengali film Anataheen and in the Marathi film Jogwa. These two movies have got the more number of awards and Shreya is a part in both for the same category. Shreya… U Rock Sweet Heart!!! Marathi film Jogwa bags five awards  including Upendra Limaye (Inspector Bhosle of Page 3 Fame) for the Best Actor.

Priyanka Chopra gets the Best Actress award for her stunning performance as Meghna Mathur in Madhur Bhandarkar’s Fashion. I became her fan from that movie and recommended many of my friends to watch it but I didn’t expect she would get National Award. In general, National Awards are given to slow paced art films which get flopped at the BO. Most of them don’t get released in theatres. This time commercially hit movies are awarded. Kangna Ranaut gets for the Best Supporting Actress for Fashion. Rock On is adjudged the Best Movie in Hindi. Arjun Rampal gets the Best Supporting Actor for Rock On. (It’s a decent performance but I don’t think it deserves National Award). I expected A Wednesday would get the Best Film award or at least Best Hindi Film. But still it managed to get the Indira Gandhi award for the Best First Film of a Director. Oye Lucky Oye Oye wins for the Best Popular Film. Jodha Akbar bags two awards. Obviously one is for Best Costumes (Neeta Lulla) and the other for the Best Choreography for the song Azeem o Shahenshah (Chinni Prakash & Rekha Prakash). Unfortunately A.R.Rahman doesn’t get the award for Best Music. Composers Atul & Ajay get that for Jogwa. Nandita Das’ debut film Firaaq gets the awards for Best Editing (SreekarPrasad) and Best Art Direction (Gautam Sen).

The surprise is Vaaranam Aayiram has got the Best Film in Tamil. It’s a good film but not the Best of 2008. When Subramaniyapuram swept all the Filmfare Awards, it didn’t manage to get the National Award. Neither Naan Kadavul is given the Best Film. The thing that shocked me is Dasavatharam didnt get any award. Kamalhassan had put heart and soul to portray the 10 different characters and had woven a neat screenplay. He gets for none. The jury should have given him a Special Award for his achievements in his  50 year career. I’m so sad for that. Such moviesh should be recognized and encouraged. I strongly believed Kamal would get the Best Actor award this time. I’ve to see Jogwa what Upendra has done more than Kamalhassan. But he needs no more awards and recognitions except an Oscar.

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Yet another Oscar for ARR?

Hurray!! Glad news for all Indians and Music Lovers!!

A.R.Rahman’s song “Na na” from the Hollywood Movie Couple’s Retreat has been shortlisted for the 82nd Academy Award nomination in the Best Original Song Category. It will compete with 62 other songs that are nominated for the same category. Among them final list of songs will be announced as nominations. The song Na Na has been penned and sung by ARR himself along with our rapper Blaaze and Vivian Chiax. The specialty of the song is Rahman Junior A.R.Ameen has also sung in the song.

The Award Ceremony will take place on March 7th 2010 at California. I pray and wish that ARR would get his third Oscar on March 7th and make us proud once again.

P.S: It would be the most happiest thing if the Tamil song “Kuru kuru kangale” in Couple’s Retreat is shortlisted for the nominations.

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Working Round the Clock

Believe it or not. I was in my office for 23 long hours. I went to office at 1.30 pm yesterday. Since the past two days I used to work in nights (till 5-6 am), I go to office in the afternoons. Since the launching date of our product is nearing we get hella lotta work load. Yesterday all of us were asked to stay and work whole night. It was my third continuous day to work in wee hours. There was so much tasks to be completed that even my TL was sitting and working with us till 7 am. Most of the guys left after 7.30 am. But I get other tasks for today and completed them by 12.30 pm and then returned to my flat. I was also thinking to stay one more hour to complete 24 hours but my body didn’t co-operate as I didn’t have anything except 2 vadas and a cuppa coffee. I took an hour nap from 5 am to 6 am. After coming home I took bath and slept at 2 pm without taking lunch. Again by 4 pm I was called and given some tasks which I have completed just 70%. Today also I have to wake up till 2-3 am as our launching may be on 26th Jan (GOK).

I never worried to work more but the thing that irritates me is that most of the people think only those who are present in the office for long time work more. Even I don’t work all the time in office. But even from home I work and send the data by mail. But I’m forced to work particularly in the workplace. I don’t know when the people’s attitude will change. Also if a person is willing to work 24/7 (at the peak of the project), the seniors/managers take advantage out of it. We are taken for granted. Without any ethics, the employers get the work done in day and night thinking that we are all machines. Deliberately I didn’t go to office today but all my other colleagues attended. But I’m damn sure that I have given more output of work than anyone else who were in the so called workplace.

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Chhhhoooo Chhhhweeeettttt

I came across this cute photo from my friend Aishwarya’s Orkut Album. I was a bit tensed today but after seeing this I experienced a kind of happiness that can’t be expressed by words. I felt so relaxed after seeing Diya as Kutty Krishna. She is so cute and looks exactly like a Balakrishnan we see in paintings and pictures. The crown is so perfect for her with that Mayilpeeli (Peacock Feather). I was thinking to sing some Oothukkadu songs (I downloaded Oothukkadu songs collection by assorted artists in the morning only). Jo looks so homely and traditional. Miss you a lot Jo!!! Surya  is a never-seen before Surya. Actor Sivakumar was the best suitable actor for the roles of Lord Krishna/Vishnu & Lord Murugan. Now Vaarisu uruvaagiradhu…

Then I wondered how I missed to collect this cute pic before her as I have an avid facination in collecting exclusive pictures of Surya-Jo-Diya & Ajith-Shalu-Anoushka. Anyways thanks to Aishu.

P.S: Jo’s face is so bright than ever. Guess what! She’s carrying her second child. Soon we will hear the Good news from the Sweet Couple. This time may we expect Surya Junior?


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Shocking Rating

Popular filmy website has reviewed Selvaraghavan’s Magnum opus  Aayirathil Oruvan mercilessly. The movie is given just half a star out of five. Can’t believe? Check it out Though AO is not so good as his previous movies, it’s a daring and appreciable attempt except for the climax. Movie like Vettaikkaran should be given such ratings since it’s a mixture of many flicks. If experimental films get discouraged like this, we wont get such movies in future. I request to give honest comments and reviews.

IMO, the movie deserves 3/5

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Aayirathil Oruvan – Deleted Scenes

I watched Aayirathil Oruvan in Kamal Multiplex on the 2nd day of its release also (15.01.2010). In fact my friend Bala booked for 15th Jan first. Since my roomie Mani had an extra ticket for the 1st day show, I could watch it on the first day. Thank God and Thanks to Mani. Almost 1/2 an hour scenes were deleted on the 2nd day. Thankfully, none of the scenes were cut from the first half.

The scene where Reema Sen pisses in a vessel was cut. The scene is not suitable for family audience. It was kept not for a sleaziness but Reema’s virginity was tested and also by checking her abdomen. But the main song of the movie Thaai thindra manne – Classical version that was picturised on Reema Sen and Parthiban was deleted on the second day. It’s the soul of the movie that describes the present and past conditions of Tanjore. Especially, I like the line “Pulikkodi poritha chozha maandhargal, elikkari korippadhuvo..” Reema may get a cardic arrest if she sees the edited version as she has put her heart and soul in this song by performing classical dance & sword fight. The scene involving Andrea and parthiban was also deleted. Andrea tells Parthiban that Reema is cheating them. That time he thinks that she also wants to make love with him and undresses. Andrea’s breasts and abdomen were checked by an old lady but Andrea runs away. Parthiban comments ” Emadhu linga dharisanathai kandu vittaale!” which is a cheap humour I felt. Nothing wrong in removing that. The Galdiator kinda scene was also cut short which was a relief.

I’m so grateful to those who deleted the scene in which the King’s wife and daughter were undressed by the army officers and were asked to dance for Appadi podu song at gun point. That was the height of vulgarity that ruined the soul of the movie. In short, the revised version of AO is made me feel better. It would have been much better if the song hadn’t been deleted. But today I came to know that in some theaters the song was not cut but the other mentioned scenes were edited. I have to watch the movie again with my roomies in Sathyam Cinemas.


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