Highest Traffic

08 Feb

Yayyyy my blog at last got the highest traffic yesterday with 446 views after 4 months. The last busiest day was on Sep 26th 2009 with 417 views. The most viewed post is till date is “Priyanka Beats Kamalhassan”, my blog about Priyanka’s 12 avatars in Waht’s Your Rashee? much before the movie’s release. The busiest day was the next day of the release. Now my post “MM4 Winners” has become the most viewed post since I posted a day before its telecast. It’s amazing that there are lot of fans for Maanada Mayilada. My recent post “Aayirathil oruvan Deleted Scenes” tried to become the most viewed post but it could make upto 278 views of my blog in a day. I thought it’s because Bollywood fans are more than Kollywood. But MM4 has incredible no of fans. Kudos to Kala Master!!! Am waiting for MM5.

P.S: But after the results are known it didn’t get much trafffic today.

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Posted by on February 8, 2010 in TV Shows


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