Thamizh Padam – Review

05 Feb

Thamizh Padam – The first full and full spoof movie in Tamil. This is the only USP of the movie. Other than that nothing is there. I watched the film on Sunday at Mayajaal 8.15 pm show. 12 of us went to watch. Previous day, the same set of us went to the same place to watch Go.s.

Kudos to the producer to have guts to produce a movie without stars after his blockbuster movie Vaaranam Aayiram with a great ensemble of stars and technicians. Other than Nirav Shah, no one has a star standard. For me, the movie is like watching Super-10 and Lollu Sabha on big screen. We have seen much of spoofs in both of the programs zillion times. Moreover Vivek has contributed his part by making spoof in almost all movies of him. So many of the scenes are cliched and predictable.  Shiva has done his job very well. Still I couldn’t accept him as a solo hero. He was too good in his previous films, esp in Chennai-28.

The movie starts in a village where Baby boys are killed using cactus milk (Karuthamma). The Naattaamai spoof is inevitable in Village scenes.  The  baby says its granny to put it in a goods train (Thalapathy). Even a new born kid knows that every goods train from a village reaches Chennai. The granny brings up the boy whose wish is to become a mass hero. He has 3 friends Sidharth (Manobala), Bharath (Vennira Aadai Moorthy) & Nakul (Hema Bhaskar) who help him succeed in his love. Meantime he kills some rowdies like Anniyan Vikram, with Banana Skin and the terrible one is with his unwashed socks (Gosh!! So sick!!). Later  it’s revealed that he’s a Police Officer in disguise like Pokkiri Vijay to kill the underworld rowdies. He goes to his village to find his parents which is the most boring segment. he finds his parents by singing a family song. Finally, he finds the Boss of those underworld dons and gets promoted as DGP. The suspense of the Boss is sooooo mokkai

Some most likable scenes:

1.When Chennai Central is shown, a man says that Chennai has other landmarks also to be shown. That’s s a good one.

2. When Shiva was a boy, he asks his granny to become a big. She says to pedal the cycle. When he pedals the cycle, he grows in a couple of seconds.

3. Similarly, when the girl’s father rejects him saying his status in so low compared to his, he challenges to become rich. In a single song he becomes rich which is just 5 min and comes back to the girl’s dad.

4. The Mouna Ragam Library scene and Kadhalukku Mariyadhai book store scene (Both are so close to my heart)

5.  The song Omahaazeeya is the best of all spoof.

6. Ultimate one: Simbhu was kalachified the most. The Naattamai punishes the people by showing the film of the actor who uses his fingers for style.

Overall, the first half is okay but the second half is toooooo much boring. Goa was far better than this. Om Shanti Om is a better spoof film than this. I wish the director C.S.Amudhan to make some better spoofs or original films with good comedy.

Bottomline: A one time watch film with a group of friends so that anyone can remind the film which is imitated.

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