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100 days in Chennai

                 Today is my 100th day in Chennai after leaving from Mumbai. These 100 days are the most hectic days of my life. These days made me forget my happiness, enjoyment, entertainment and lot more. In short, I had lost myself. I was like a free bird in Mumbai and I came to Chennai with lotta Colourful Dreams. But after coming to Chennai, my job made me like a parrot in a golden cage. Hope I would get back myself soon.


Decreasing Stats


                OMG!!!  The daily stats of my blog got reduced drastically. Once it reached 418 views per day followed by 408 views the enxt day. It was on the weekend when “What’s Your Rashee” got released bcos the blog on Priyanka Chopra’s 12 Avtars is still viewed by more users followed by Diya’s B’day. Mahesh, a co-blogger and Orkut buddy wondered at the count. Since most of my posts are more abt Movies, they are viewed widely. I got  a prestigious Blog Award “Movie Maniac Award” from my friend and co-blogger Bala on his Blogoversary. 


                    Nowadays I post my Musings more than Movies and I dont blog freuently due to lack of time. This month I targeted to get Indirank more than my presnet rank 50 and to get views more than 500 per day. Soon I have to ramp up to achieve my target. JAI HO!!

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Missed the Golden Opportunity

                                    Yesterday was one of the worst days of my life. I just wanna forget. Still I need to let out my frustration. Almost all Chennaiites might have known about “Jai Ho- A.R.Rahman’s Live in Concert” that was organised by the The Shakthi Foundation to raise funds for a Noble Cause. When my friend Bala asked me for booking a ticket for me two weeks before, I was on cloud 9 and said yes without a second thought. It’s been my long time wish to see A.R.R singing live. It’s like a Dream come True! I never missed his concert when telecast on TV. This is his first concer after he won the twin Oscars. But I kept it under wraps and didnt even tell my mom, bro and not even to my friend Rachna, with whom I share everything. I wanted to tell them all on the day of the concert. After a week of booking my ticket my brother was asking me whether to book a ticket for me. I told that I already booked but I was not sure whether I could attend or not due to my work which has “No Sundays n Holidays”.
                                      My dreams were shattered when my Zonal Manager came to our office on 10th Oct. I was told that he’ll be in Chennai for 3-4 days. I felt so much and lamented to my mom. She convinced me that I can watch while telecast in TV. But I was not convinced. When I told Bala, he told that he would know this and my other friend Thiyagu shouted at me that he would never call me for a movie or beach.
                                     On Sunday I was asked to sit with my clients in their office. Believe it or not! I workd till 6 am today. Moreover the task given to me was new to me and also to my colleagues. Since I have the only one report processing tool with me, I was made sit with them without any of my colleagues. I havent worked on it and hence it took more time to process the reeports. They were in a hurry to submit those reports to the Govt. Telecom Sector else they need to pay a penalty of 10 lacs. They kept pressurizing me and escalated to higher officials. One of my managers came to office at 12 and convinced me. Around 12.30 am, I got nervous and was about to cry but controlled, I couldnt even talk or type anything. Till 6 am, I processed all the reports and I left office. The first thing, I sent an sms to Bala asking for an apology and also abt the concert. My borther told the concert was not good without more prominent singers. He said it really or just to convince me? I dont know bcos Bala told me it was too gud.

P.S.: ! I’m planning to resign my job, taking a month’s rest and attending the December Carnatic Concerts.


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Never Love Your Company

One of my seniors always use to tell “Love your profession but never Love your company”.
I have never realized or experienced such situation to hate my company due to which I got a profession.
But today,I experienced it. Now i started telling to my juniors “Love your profession but never Love your company”.

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Got Out of the Hell!!!

              Hurray!!! I got out of the Hell!! Yeah, I mean I shifted my bag and baggages from my company Guest House. On Gandhiji’s B’day I got Independence from that Jail. I’m shifting to my brother’s flat in Adyar. I never wanted to stay with him since he’s staying with his friends. I feel that they would be uncomfortable if a senior guy stays with them. I dont know about them, but I would feel so. Let’s wait and see whether I got out of a Hell and entered another or not.

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A Tribute to the Legendary Actor- Shivaji Ganesan

Sivaji Ganesan

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