Sujatha – An Immortal Writer

27 Feb

Sujatha Rangarajan– The Man who inspired me a lot for writing. I was awe-inspired by his versatality. He has written in almost all genres, from Sangathamizh to Science Fiction; fromAganaanooru to Astro Physics; from Naalayiram Dhivya Prabandham to Nanotechnology. He was the first writer to introduce Computers to common man. He was a Prophet, who had predicted the computerized world in the early 70s. Being an Electronics Engineer, he started writing as an amateur author which gave him an Identity.

I came to know abt Sujatha from my mom when I was 10. There was a Scientific serial “En Eniya Iyandhira” that was telecast inDoordarshan on Mondays. He wrote about computers and Robotics in the 80s, which might be an inspiration for Director Shankar to make his magnum opus “Robo aka Endhiran”. (In fact, Robot was written for Kamal during his Indian days, with Preity Zinta as female lead. But due to the high budget and some other reasons, it was dropped.) That time I haven’t watched the movie Vikram which is based on Sujatha’s Scientific novel with the same title. As a small boy, I liked the Robot Jeeno of En Iniya Iyanthira.

Mom has told more about his novels that were made into films.GayathriPriyaVikramKaraiyellam Shenbagappoo Ratham Orey Niram (His only Historic Novel), etc. Ninaithale Inikkum’sstory was by Sujatha. Among which Karaiyellam Shenbagappoowas filmed exactly as the novel. But it would have been better if it was directed by a good director. His thriller novel came as a serial in DD “Kolaiyudhir Kaalam” that introduced me to Ganesh and Vasanth, the main characters created by him.

There are still many fans for ganesh and Vasanth. Ganesh is a calm and composed advocate; Vasanth is his naughty Junior and always talks about sex and the fairer sex. Director Vasanth changed his name for films because of the Vasanth character. Vivek played the role of Vasanth in Kolaiyudhir kaalam. In fact, he did full justice to the Vasanth. Once Sujatha said in an interview that he’s 50% Ganesh and 50% Vasanth. That is evident from his youthful writings.

Later actress Suhasini directed Sujatha’s crime novels as bi-weekly serials in Sun TV with actor Suresh as Ganesh and Vijay Adhiraj as Vasanth. Suresh with his wooden expressions spoiled the character of Ganesh whereas Vijay Adhiraj was just ok. Still i remeber an episode “Edhaiyum Oru Murai” where a psycho rich man wants to try everything in the world and eventually he would die by trying suicide. That’s “Edhaiyum Oru Murai

I became an ardent reader of Sujatha when I was in 12th, via his“Katradhum Petradhum” in Anada Vikatan. He dealt with the topics, which normal man cannot think of. In my 2nd yr B.E., I joined a nearby Lending Library and started reading his books. I was taken aback by his Creativity and Imagination Skills that were far ahead of his age. His first novel “Nylon Kayiru” was wriiten in early 70s i think, but the style was so westernised. I like his Srirangathu Devadhaigal,Kanaiyaziyin Kadaisi PakkangalPirivom Sandhippom (Both parts), Apsara, and almost all the stories with Ganesh and Vasanth. He implements Science and Technology in his stories. In early 80s, he had written about COBOL Programming language and its codings in his Apsara, which is about a Psycho Computer Programmer in Bangalore who kills by writing COBOL coding. He would be caught as there were very few programmers in Blore, but today??!! He had very good knowledge in Carnatic Music too.

He encouraged new talents and gave them recognition in his writings. Shankar and Mani Ratnam made use of him as Dialogue Writer works in Films like Indian, Mudhalvan, Boys, Kannathil Muthamittal, Aayidha Ezhuthu, Shivaji, and Endhiran (Concept of Sujatha).

P.S: This was written by me in my previous blog last year same day. Due to lack of time I just did CTLR+C & CTRL+V. Now I wonder how the man had time to write a lot inspite of having several other works.

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One response to “Sujatha – An Immortal Writer


    January 23, 2012 at 12:30 pm

    Hi! Your blog was nice. You did good thing to Sujatha by writing this post even though he did not need us mortals to praise him. I too am fan of his work.
    Only one thing I want to add……..
    He also wrote other historical novel (apart from RATHTHAM ORE NIRAM) KAANTHALOOR VASANTHA KUMAARAN KATHAI.
    Have you read that? It was just a historical version of GANESH and VASANTH stories. But Comedy story. He wrote that while he was Editor of KUMUDHAM. After Sujatha quit the chair of KUMUDHAM, they dropped this novel. So, it was incomplete.
    Any how nice blog.
    ANd you are right……………..
    P.S: This was written by me in my previous blog last year same day. Due to lack of time I just did CTLR+C & CTRL+V. Now I wonder how the man had time to write a lot inspite of having several other works.
    …………………………….I too tried to write in my blog. But no time. If you compare this with him, we can only wonder how he wrote all those works.


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