My Name Is Kaarthik

10 Feb

Ah… I’m writing the 100th post of this blog. So the post should be something special. I’m special for myself. I love myself a lot. Ya I’m a Narcissist. Here I’m gonna pen down the specialty of my name. Not Kaarthik. But Karthik in general.

Karthik/Karthikeyan is the one of the most common names in Tamil Nadu like Amit in North, Satnam in Punjab, Sourav, Prosenjit, in Bengal, etc. Every other is named Karthik and shortly called Karthi. But mine is quite special with an extra “a” which my friend Rachana says the extra “a” denotes my arrogant attitude. I never mind. That’s what I am. I stress other to write my name with double “a”. Even I tell my friends to save my name in their mobiles as “KAARTHIK” not “KARTHIK”. Since my school days I am one of the Karthiks in my class. So we used to get differentiated only with our initials. Yet another “a”. Yes, I was called A.KAARTHI, not even A.KAARTIK till I complete my schooling. So I never liked my name which is so common. When I asked my mom why I was named such a common name, she told that was a modern name when I was born. Thankfully, when I joined collegeI was the only Karthik in my class. But some other Karthiks were there in other sections who are still called BK, CK, MK by my friends. As I belonged to Instrumentation Dept, i was called “Instru” Kaarthik. Later I was nick named KAARU by my friend Manikandan. It was quite uncommon and I like to be called Kaaru. Some of my friends who are girls (Not Girl Friends) call me Kaarthik and not Karthi. I like when I’m called with the end “k”. I started loving my name after knowing it’s Girls’ one of the most favourite Boy names. I too have fans for my name alone. Thanks to them.

Karthik in Films:

I started liking my name after watching the movie “Alaipayuthe”” where the hero maddy’s name is Karthik. That was the first film that has the protagonist’s name as “Karthik”. That is one of the most beautiful romantic films  and my most favourite too. Interestingly, Maddy and I share the same DOB and my name is hi first screen name. The scene in which Shalini asks for his name and he says Karthik and she asks him whether he’s rich, brat, loafer and says that such type of guys waste time like going behind girls. The movie was released when I finished my 12th. When I entered college, everyone said the same dialogue after asking my name and my reply. From seniors to my batch mates even some lecturers used to say this dialogue after hearing my name. I kinda enjoyed it. The next movie with the character name is in Rhythm. Arjun’s name is Karthikeyan but fondly called “Karthi Sir” by the small boy. But the film didn’t become much hit like the former. Since Alaipayuthe, it became a trend in Tamil Cinema  to name the hero as Karthik for a romantic, casanova, soft and sophisticated characters. Generally celluloid Karthiks have Gemini traits since Mani and Maddy are Geminis. Me too a perfect Gemini.

Vinay in Unnale Unnale (90% of my character), Prithiviraj in Mozhi, Bharath in Nepali, Shiva in Chennai-600028, Irfan in Pattalam. But I didn’t like Aarya as Karthik in Sarvam. He was not at all suitable for Karthik character with an unromantic voice and drowsy eyes. I prayed that Simbhu’s name should not be Karthik in Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya. But couldn’t help it. When I read about Vishal’s character in Theeradha Vilayaattu Pillai, I guessed his name would be Karthik for sure and my guess didn’t go wrong. It seems that the name has created fascination in Bollywood too. Farhan Akhtar’s upcoming flick is name Karthik calling Karthik. The good thing about this Deepika Padukone will be romancing Karthik

But my all-time favourite romantic character is Mouna Ragam Karthik whose screen name is Manohar. He’s the perfect example to define Karthik with a kinda romantic, mischievous, a Sweet Rascal & a Lovable Idiot in short.

P.S: I’ve posted some incomplete posts before which I thought I would complete before my 100th post. Hope I wont post any such entries further and try to complete them.


3 responses to “My Name Is Kaarthik

  1. maya

    March 19, 2010 at 2:31 pm

    oh man u’ve done ur research on the name karthick quite well..
    karthick is really a romantic name…trust me when i was readin this article i jus told myself the name “karthik” like 10 times….it’s a nice name to be called…very nice article…luved it…and yeah i totally agree with u when u stated that karthick in mouna raagam is a perfect epitome to define Karthick…

    • Kaaru

      March 21, 2010 at 1:12 am

      thank u Maya!!

  2. karthick

    April 5, 2010 at 12:28 am

    i love ma name very much………..


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