Singam – A Good Entertainer

12 Jun

It’s not a Review. It’s just my view.

Since more than 6 months, I was expecting for Singam. It’s not because he’s my favourite actor of this generation, but it’s his 25th movie. But teaming up with Hari irked me as the duo’s previous Aaru and Vel are 2 big mistakes in Suriya’s career (IMO). When Sun Pictures bought it, I lost all my hope for the movie and just ignored it. So I didnt wanna watch it before any review. But when the reviews are good, I was not able to book ticket in none of the major multiplexes. So the last option at Mayajaal clicked and watched today with my mom, bro, aunt and cousin. For my surprise, the film was not bad at all. Though action, masala, commercial flicks are not my cuppa, I enjoyed the movie.

Suriya has done a tremendous job by portraying a sincere and angry cop Durai Singam. He moulds himself for each and every film and that yields him lot of accolades. Though the action sequences are overdose with punch dialogues, they get ignored by the brilliant screenplay. The first half has nothing much to boast aout. A typical Hari film. It’s the second half that makes us sit at the edge of the seat. I just felt like watching a Dharani film (Obviously not Kuruvi) Most of the scenes reminded me Dhil, Dhool n Ghillie. Prakash Raj is as usual too good in his stereotypical baddie role. Anushka too did a good job unlike the glam doll heroines who appear just for songs. Vivek’s comedy makes us laugh in very few scenes. The cheap humour and vulgarity in the comedy is the worst part, though we can tolerate most of his mokkais. Vijaya Kumar, Nasser, Radharavi and Nizhalgal Ravi have done decent job, but veteran actress Manorama and Delhi Kumar are just wasted. Music is a minus. None of the songs stays in mind. The chemistry between the lead pair sucks mainly because of Suriya’s height.

Suriya entered the film industry in 98. 25 films in 12 years is a very less count, yet it shows the quality of the actor to give quality films. Unlike Vijay, whose 50th film is no different from his other films, Suriya is on the right path. But I wish to warn not to repeat the masala and also not to work with taller Heroines.


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2 responses to “Singam – A Good Entertainer

  1. Mesmin

    June 16, 2010 at 7:42 pm

    Thank you for posting meaning ful blogs Karthik. I love it.

  2. Kaarthik

    June 17, 2010 at 7:55 pm

    @ Mesmin, Welcome to my Blog. Thanks for visiting and posting comments.


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