Raavanan Vs Raavan

19 Jun

I got to watch Raavan too on the first day itself. I felt so happy and proud to be a great movie buff among my friends by watching both the versions on the same day.

Raavan is not so good as Raavanan. In fact, worse than Raavan in terms of casting and performances. When the stills of Raavan & Raavanan were out, I felt Abhishek would be a better Raavan than Vikram. Mainly because of the cruelty he showed in his eyes and his height. But Vikram proves he’s the Raavanan in acting. None can beat Vikram in dialogue delivery and voice modulation. Rohini’s voice helped a lot to Raagini in Raavanan more than Aishwarya’s own voice in Raavan. Like Ash, Rohini’s voice also became a bit older. (On a positive note, both Ash and Rohini’s voice were so fresh in her debut Iruvar). Govinda is equally good as karthik in bringing out some laughs but when he jumps over trees it looks funny bcos of his weight. I wonder why Mani chose Ravi Kishan who is no match to Prabhu.

Vikram looks good but his big Raavanan mush doesn’t suit for Hindi Ram. But shaving his mush would spoil the characterin Tamil. Prithviraj being beaten by Vikram is believable but Vikram getting thrashed by Abhishek  is quite incredible. Surprisingly, Priya Mani is good in both the versions. Ranjitha and her Hindi counterpart has no scope at all. Vyapuri as eunuch is a wow. He has more scenes than her.

The audio is better in Raavan. But the film Raavanan is better than Raavan. Santosh Sivan, Ash, Vikram & Priya Mani rock in both whereas Mani is missing in both.

Overall Rating

Raavan : 2/5 ; Raavanan : 3.5/5


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4 responses to “Raavanan Vs Raavan

  1. - Explore Indian blogs

    June 19, 2010 at 7:28 pm

    That was a good overview of the movie without revealing the plot or spoiling any suspense…

  2. Girish.M

    June 21, 2010 at 8:43 pm


    Nice review. But i feel the tamil version deserves a little more appreciation. Special hats off to Vikram. As changing a character and performing in a different role is unbelievable. Its really difficult as you cannot live into one character when the director demands for the other one. This simply proves the body language and the original and natural acting of vikram. He is definitely an acting powerhouse who is worth a lot of appreciation and mention worldwide.


  3. Mambo

    July 12, 2010 at 2:43 pm

    sorry,for your information..its ash own voice in tamil version not rohini…u can check in raavanan credit…there is no dubbing artist for ash…Yes, they planned to dubbed by rohini’s voice but the director request for ash own voice for her charcter to make it lively…i think it works…

  4. baby

    July 27, 2010 at 10:30 am

    for ur info in tamil version also Ais used own voice


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