Michael Jackson – 1st Death Anniversary

25 Jun

Today marks the first death anniversary of the pop superstar Michael Jackson. It was a great shock all over the world last year. The mysterious death of Michael Jackson created a stir. Though I’m not a big fan of him, I mourned for him as a Music Lover. Jackson was introduced to me by my uncle Kalli who is crazy about MJ and considers him as his Mentor. His room had MJ posters and I came to know about him when I was 7 or 8. Kalli Mama was my senior in school and a terrific dancer in our school. Still I remember the Annual Day Function where he performed for Dangerous song and got oncore from the audience. I was in 2nd std and he was in 9th std then. I knew only about the plastic surgeries undergone by MJ and I used to tell my mom that I would undergo such a surgery like him to become fair.

Though I dont listen to Pop music, I had only one cassette of MJ (Dangerous) which was given by Kalli mama. The music was used in Indu (Metro channel song) and also in Kushi (interlude Yaar solvadho). Prabhu Deva, who’s popularly known as the Michael Jackson of India has used many of his movements in his early movies like Gentleman, Love Birds, etc. The graphics in the song “Maya Machindra...” from Indian was also inspired from one of MJ’s songs.  I wished him to do atleast an album with AR.Rahman. But unfortunately it didnt happen. May His Soul Rest in Peace.

Note: This is an excerpt from my previous blog.

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Posted by on June 25, 2010 in Anniversaries, Music


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