Chinmayi Calling Karthik

01 Mar

Singer Chinmayi, who has almost become a dubbing artist has recently written in her blog how she’s fed up with the name Karthik. It’s a great coincidence as I was discussing this topic with my friend Rachna a couple of hours before. I was so surprised to see that in Chinmayi’s blog and wanted to post immediately.

“I forgot to mention something and instead of inserting it in the previous post, I decided do write anew. Dubbing for Theeradha Vilayaattu Pillai and Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya happened at the same time and the hero’s name in both movies is Karthik. I was also dubbing for the Telugu versions of both movies and incidentally I had probably said the name Karthik a million times. One of those days I had a recording in the night and had to walk into the next day, I started calling random people and my mother also, with the name Karthik.. got up in the morning and said absent mindedly “Karthik… I want coffee” to Amma.. If I had mentioned any other name, she would have been happier thinking and had the feeble hope that I had finally found someone, but she knew better.. The number of times I have said Karthik or even the name Gautham in the movies I have dubbed is phenomenal. Karthik … Gautham.. Gautham… Karthik.. There was a rare Shakthi or a Ravi here and there. Someone once told me that naming the hero and heroine is a big issue for several people and hence they usually just pick something … like Prem or Rahul in Hindi movies.. they cited this example. I forget who told me this.. Anyway that is that.”

This is what she had written in her blog. Right from Unnale Unnale she keeps saying the name and I just loved Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya whenever Trisha says Karthik. I even told Rachna that I wanna count the number of times she says Karthik.

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