Bought a Guitar!!!

15 Jan

I was never fascinated with Western Music and Western Instruments though I had passion to learn instruments like violin and more towards Sitar. I never thought of playing a guitar till I watch Vaaranam Aayiram where Guitar appears in every other scene. I just love the scene when Surya proposes Sameera by playing Guitar. Since then I decided to learn that instrument. None of my college friends (except John Jacob who is  not so close to me) know to play it. One of my colleagues in Mumbai (Allwyn Francis) played it during our office picnic to Karjat and I accompanied him in singing. I was just spellbound as he played it with ease. He played so spontaneously and I deciede to learn from him. But as he was staying in Dombivli, which is far from Malad I couldn’t make that. (What a coincidence! We went to that picnic 364 days back – on Jan 16th 2009!)

I came to Chennai with lot of dreams like learning Classical, Guitar and many more. But due to my hectic job, I cant even spend time meet my friends, visit my relatives, not even to go to my native. Once my brother brought his friend’s guitar for a cultural function in his office. I took snaps like VA Surya with that Guitar and uploaded in Orkut (Thanks to my roomie Arun). Coincidentally I was wearing a T-Shirt similar to Surya’s which he wears in that still. Many of my friends commented in fact criticized but I told them I’m gonna learn and the photo was just a trailer; Picture abhi bakhi hai mere dost!!! I gave those photos to my parents for seeking brides. (So that I can get a girl with a good Music taste). At last, I bought a black Acoustic guitar today from Lakshman Shruthi. So, I’m going to make the photo true in a few days. Since Vaaranam Aayiram inspired me to have fascination on Guitar, I’ve named it MEGHNA!!!

P.S:  Now my caller tune is  En Iniya Pon Nilaave… from Moodupani. Needless to say why!


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