Yet another Oscar for ARR?

23 Jan

Hurray!! Glad news for all Indians and Music Lovers!!

A.R.Rahman’s song “Na na” from the Hollywood Movie Couple’s Retreat has been shortlisted for the 82nd Academy Award nomination in the Best Original Song Category. It will compete with 62 other songs that are nominated for the same category. Among them final list of songs will be announced as nominations. The song Na Na has been penned and sung by ARR himself along with our rapper Blaaze and Vivian Chiax. The specialty of the song is Rahman Junior A.R.Ameen has also sung in the song.

The Award Ceremony will take place on March 7th 2010 at California. I pray and wish that ARR would get his third Oscar on March 7th and make us proud once again.

P.S: It would be the most happiest thing if the Tamil song “Kuru kuru kangale” in Couple’s Retreat is shortlisted for the nominations.

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Posted by on January 23, 2010 in A.R.Rahman, Music


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