Working Round the Clock

22 Jan

Believe it or not. I was in my office for 23 long hours. I went to office at 1.30 pm yesterday. Since the past two days I used to work in nights (till 5-6 am), I go to office in the afternoons. Since the launching date of our product is nearing we get hella lotta work load. Yesterday all of us were asked to stay and work whole night. It was my third continuous day to work in wee hours. There was so much tasks to be completed that even my TL was sitting and working with us till 7 am. Most of the guys left after 7.30 am. But I get other tasks for today and completed them by 12.30 pm and then returned to my flat. I was also thinking to stay one more hour to complete 24 hours but my body didn’t co-operate as I didn’t have anything except 2 vadas and a cuppa coffee. I took an hour nap from 5 am to 6 am. After coming home I took bath and slept at 2 pm without taking lunch. Again by 4 pm I was called and given some tasks which I have completed just 70%. Today also I have to wake up till 2-3 am as our launching may be on 26th Jan (GOK).

I never worried to work more but the thing that irritates me is that most of the people think only those who are present in the office for long time work more. Even I don’t work all the time in office. But even from home I work and send the data by mail. But I’m forced to work particularly in the workplace. I don’t know when the people’s attitude will change. Also if a person is willing to work 24/7 (at the peak of the project), the seniors/managers take advantage out of it. We are taken for granted. Without any ethics, the employers get the work done in day and night thinking that we are all machines. Deliberately I didn’t go to office today but all my other colleagues attended. But I’m damn sure that I have given more output of work than anyone else who were in the so called workplace.

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Posted by on January 22, 2010 in Memories n Memoirs, My Musings


One response to “Working Round the Clock

  1. Surya

    December 18, 2010 at 1:16 am

    I agree that there is a general notion that being in workplace for more hours gives a sense of feeling that he/she is working more. However, if the manager knows you personally well the way you work he/she would appreciate your smart work rather than the misconception.

    I would vote for working from home concept like how it is adapted in US and other nations.


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