Enthiran – My View

01 Oct

The much awaited release of the year Endhiran is out and I’m so glad for watching it on the first day unfortunately not the first show. I would like to declare that I’m not a Rajini fan, a hardcore Kamalhaasan fan and I don’t like Masala movies. I don’t watch much Hollywood action flicks too. Despite all these things, I wished to watch Endhiran only for the immortal writer Sujatha who conceived the theme more than a decade back. Not even for Shankar whose stupendous imagination I always wonder. Since his previous film Sivaji is a 100% Rajinikanth movie for whom the director compromised a lot.

Writer Sujatha is a master in science fiction stories and had written about computers and robots when India was just introduced to the Television. His stories made the viewers of the 80s consider him as a prophet who predicted the computirized world long back. His sci fiction novels could not be made into films due to the whopping budget. After almost a decade it’s possible to make the film Endhiran (Robot). Thanks to director Shankar and crew and producer Kalanidhi Maaran for spending crores to make it happen.

This time Shankar didn’t come with his run of a mill “Corruption” and not even a Hi tech Romantic Comedy. The crux of Endhiran is what would happen if a powerful machine is abused. Man makes machines but they will bring destruction to him if misused. With this one liner,  Shankar has given an ultimate Feast with Technology of International standard spiced up with Indian ingredients. Alongwith that he has shown what would happen if a Robot, the ultimate invention of man gets the feelings like anger, happiness, sorrow and LOVE!

Shankar’s choice was Kamalhaasan after his team up with Kamal in Indian. Then he moved to Shah Rukh Khan. But Rajnikanth proved that none other than him would have been apt for the role of Chitti, the robot. He proves again and again that he is the one and only Super Star. Man, he rocks. If you are a Rajini fan who expects him to dance for an intro song with philosophy, to run around trees for duet songs, to say punch dialogues, to fly and bang the baddies,  to say about his entry in politics, etc. this film may disappoint you. There are no usual Rajini stuff and this is a 100% Director’s Movie. He has given himself to Shankar and had been a slave to him, doing whatever his master says. He jumps, flies, fights, dances, sings, romances and what not. Atlast he makes us feel for him.What a dedication! No one can believe that he’s 60, a senior citizen. 

I always like Rajini’s performances in negative roles or with grey shades (Avargal Ramanathan, Moonru Muichu Prasad, 16 Vayadhinile Parattai, Mullum Malarum Kaali, Thalapathi Surya) and some of his comedy roles (Thillu Mullu Indran/Chandran, Ninaithale Inikkum Deepak, Netrikkan Father character). In Endhiran, he does the role of a comedian and also a villain apart from hero. So I loved the movie, esp the last 45 minutes where  the robot, Chitti turns villain. The visuals literally made my jaws drop. After K.Balachander, Mahendran & S.P.Muthuraman, Shankar has extracted the best from Rajinikanth. Loved “Chitti” Rajini more than “Fletcher” Kamal 🙂

Aishwarya Rai is still the world’s most beautiful woman. She makes the perfect choice for Sana who can make even a Robot woo her. I could not take my eyes off her when she’s with the Scientist Rajini. She sets the screen wit fire in the “Irumbile ore irudhayam” song. Sooo Hottt!!! Ash is back!!!  But Chitti steals the show even when the gorgeous Aish is with him. Luckily she has more scope throughout the movie unlike other Rajini film heroines and she has utilized it at her best.

Note: Since I watchedin a very average theater, I could not experience the Visual and A.R.Rahman’s Background Score properly. So the rest would be after watching it in a better Cinema Hall.

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