Escape Cinemas

01 Sep

Express Avenue, Chennai’s latest Shopping Mall & Hangout Place is in the news everywhere. Though it was inaugurated a month back, I didn’t visit the mall. The salient feature is Sathyam Cinemas have its another Multiplex here. It’s named Escape Cinemas. It would have been named so that we can escape from our tension, pressure, stress and enjoy the movie. The movies started screening from last Monday Onam too (23.08.2010). I’m very glad and proud that I watched movie in Escape Cinema on the first day itself. I watched Naan Mahan Alla. It was a wonderful experience.

The entire mall makes us doubt whether we are in Chennai or in some other country like Singapore or Malaysia. It’s so posh an ber cool. We can get the print outs of the tickets from the printers attached to big LCD monitors. We can book tickets for the shows in advance. The seating arrangement is excellent. Though it is not like a push back seat, it’s so curved and comfy to lay back easily. The USP is it has lot of Couple seats which are like sofa with no handle in between. Awesome place for lovers. The sound effects are better than any other multiplex in Chennai but Sathyam is the best. Of all the above, the ticket costs just Rs.120+5 (for online booking). The Rest room is WOW! Since it was the first day there were so many things not organised. Say, the plates, bottles used by the  audience of the previous show were not cleaned that created noise and discomfort when the audience move. Another best thing is it doesn’t have a separate projector room. The projectrs were suspended on the top of the screens. Video and audio quality are simply superb. The only thing is unlike Sathyam, Santham, the screen is smaller like INOX, PVR. It couldn’t explain many thngs in words. One needs to go and feel the experience.

P.S: Though the movie was nice, I was enjoying the theatre ambiance more. So I have to watch the movie again in Escape.

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