Ragini n Rohini

19 May

Don’t get confused that I’m gonna write a post on Chennai Theatres. It’s all about Raavanan.

Everyone would have come to know that Raavan character’s name is Beera in Hindi (Abhishek) and Veera in Tamil (Vikram). Aishwarya Rai’s name in Raavan & Raavanan is Ragini. Ram charcter’s name is Dev in Hindi (Vikram) and Deva (Prithvi Raj). Mammooty’s name in Dhalapathy too was Deva.

It was rumoured that Aishwarya Rajnikanth would dub for Ash in both Raavanan and Endhiran. later it was said that Ash would dub in her own voice in Tamil too. I was so anxious to hear Ash’s Tamil. But in the trailer, it’s none other than the husky voice expert Actress Rohini. (Mani is obsessed with husky voices talking in a very low pitch). She’s one actress with a good voice like Saritha. She’s aasthaana dubbing artiste for Actress Heera. Today I watched Kadhal Koattai in KTV. I couldn’t see Heera but I could think of Rohini only. Even in Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu, it’s Jyothika’s performance that made me watch her else Rohini would have dominated. Hers is so special voice. Her voice is same since she started her film career as a child artiste. We can identify her voice so easily. Normally she speaks in a mild tone with a huskiness. In Balu Mahendra’s Marupadiyum she rendered a brilliant performance as a schizophrenic with yelling voice. Magalir Mattum too was a completely different performance. Unfortunately she couldn’t become a successful heroine but still she’s a popular dubbing artiste.

Interestingly, Rohini was paired with Vikram in his debut movie Thandhuvitten Ennai, (sema mokkai movie) directed by legendary director Sridhar. It’s been 2 decades back.


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