Mouna Raagam – Vikatan’s Review

09 May

When Raavan/Raavanan is the talk of the Town, I’m penning down my views on Mani Ratnam’s one of the most loved films Mouna Raagam. This is one of my most favourite films and so as to most of Tamilians. I would have watched this film for more than 100 times. I’ve been thinking of writing a post on this since I started my first blog in blogspot. But this week’s issue of Tamil weekly Anandda Vikatan made me write this post. Regular readers of Vikatan know that it has reserved a few pages for Old articles of Ananda Vikatan (Pokkisham Vikatan). In fact I still buy Vikatan (which has now almost become a B Grade Magazine) only for this and S.Ramakrishnan’s “Siridhu Velicham”. Mouna Raagam’s Review of Mouna Raagam was published in this week’s issue. It has got 43/100. Vikatan’s reviews were valued a lot those days which has been degraded in recent times. 40+ out of 100 in Vikatan was very rare which has become a minimum mark now. The thing that surprised me is not even a single word was mentioned about Karthik’s character (Manohar), which is like the soul of the movie. It’s the best cameo performance in Tamil Cinema till date and has been a chapter on Best Supporting Actor category in Pune Film Institute. I was a bit worried for that though it had given a rave review on Direction, Cinematography, Revathy-Mohan’s performances and Music. Music was also mentioned just like that. The background score is one of the best of Ilayaraja. I’ve never seen anyone that they wont like Mouna Ragam’s music. The Theme Music would be everyone’s favourite. If I were a reader of those time, i would have certainly written a harsh letter for this. I wonder how Actor Karthik would have reacted for this review.

Once Actor Sivakumar has mentioned in an article (Vikatanum Naanum) that his performance in performance in K.Balachander’s classic Sindhu Bhairavi as JKB was not appreciated while Suhasini and Sulakshana were appreciated for their performances. When he asked about this to Vikatan Editor, he told Sivakumar that Suhasini was a budding artist who needed an encouragement unlike Sivakumar who has already achieved in Film Industry. But Karthik was also a new actor then who needed a special mention. Let’s see whether they publish any reaction of Karthik in the next week’s issue


5 responses to “Mouna Raagam – Vikatan’s Review

  1. Vani

    May 10, 2010 at 8:17 am

    Yeah, i too noticed that. They didn’t even mention Maniratnam’s name i guess. Poor review. The movie deserve much more appreciation.

    This week sirithu velicham was awesome.

    • Kaaru

      May 10, 2010 at 11:47 am

      @Vani, I was so disappointed with the Review…But it had given an excellent review for Nayakan.

    • Pradeep

      November 24, 2011 at 11:41 am

      “Thaamarai Maelae Neerththuli Poal
      Thalaivanum Thalaviyum Vaazhvadhenna” Just two lines tells the marriage life between Mohan & Revathi.

      “Panivizhum Iravu Nanaindhadhu Nilavu
      Ilanguyil Irandu Isaikkinra Pozhudhu
      Pooppookkum Raappoadhu Poongaatru Thoongaadhu
      Vaa Vaa Vaa…
      Poovilae Oru Paay Poattu Paniththuli Thoonga
      Poovizhi Imai Moodaamal Paingili Aenga
      Maalai Vilakkaetrum Naeram Manasil Orukoadi Baaram
      Thaniththu Vaazhndhenna Laabam Thaevaiyillaadha Saabham
      Thanimaiyae Poa Poa Inimaiyae Vaa
      Poovum Mullaay Maarippoagum” how love been expressed in these words.

      The new poets who were writing so called tamil songs in present day movies has to learn, what is Tamil and how its words needs to utilized to express love, lovers feelings. Hats off to VAALI sir.
      Also the singers have to learn from this how to sing a duet. This movie can be kept as university syllabus for all chapters. Raja is Raja.

  2. balasrini

    May 10, 2010 at 2:06 pm

    I haven’t read the review in vikatan… but to say about the movie, it’s really a landmark in tamil cinema… very simple story told in a very very realistic way… and the way the chemistry between the lead roles was made by mani is simply superb… and karthik… mouna ragam without karthik falls very short….

  3. Kaaru

    May 12, 2010 at 12:16 pm

    Exactly Bala, Mouna Ragam is incomplete without Karthik. The first movie I came to know about the nuances of film making.


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