Paiyaa – Movie Review

03 Apr

2nd Apr 2010

Paiyaa – The latest movie of Lingusamy with smart Karthi and Cute Tamannah was released today after lot of release dates postponements. I watched the movie on the first day itself at Maayajaal 6 pm show.  The only reason that made me watch the movie on the 1st day is Yuvan Shankar Raja’s Music. The songs are already chart-busters. The next reason is the urban Karthi with his clothes on.


Karthi plays the role of Siva, not Shiva (Thank God not Karthik !!) He is an ECE Engineer, hunting for a job in Bangalore with his friends who are in good jobs. They try to get a job for him and take him to an interview. He sees Tamannah in a bus and falls in love at first sight and searches for her. At the time of interview, he sees her again, goes behind her and loses both Tamannah and the job. He goes to pick  a friend from the Railway Station. Tamannah and a middle-aged man are there in the station. As she lost her train ticket, the man asks Karthi to drop them till Chennai. On seeing her he leaves his friend and helps them. Meanwhile he comes to know from her that the man is taking her to Chennai for getting her married to his step-mom’s brother in which she’s not interested. He leaves the man and take Tamannah alone to Mumbai where her grandma lives. She says her name as Charu and tells her story to him. The first half is their experience in the journey, how he overcomes the villains who chase Tamannah. Before interval another group chases Karthi. Is it Run-2?? It ends with Karthi thrashing all of them alone and taking her to Mumbai. The first half is pretty enjoyable with Karthi’s dialogues and expressions which don’t  need to give place for a comedian.

When the second half started with Karthi’s flashback, it’s like another Sandakozhi. When Karthi was in Mumbai for an interview he stays with Jagan who makes laugh for some time. He had a clash with Milind Soman and his brother and they started chasing Karthi. When they reach Mumbai, both the villain groups are waiting for them. Whether Shiva safeguarded Charu and handed over her to her grandma whether he and Tamanna escaped from respective chasing groups is the rest of the story. Yuvan’s music is the greatest asset of the movie. Next is Madhi’s cinematography and Anthony’s editing hand-in hand. The picturisation of the songs (esp suthudhe suthudhe bhoomi) and the chasing scenes are laudable. But I felt my favourite number “En Kaadhal solla…” would have come after he leaves Tamannah. But Yuvan has surprised with an additional bit song which is not in the Audio.

It’s good to see Karthi with nice costumes. But he’s still in his Paruthi Veeran/Aayirathil Oruvan hangover with stiff chest and rough dialogue delivery, voice modulation, thiruttu muzhi, etc. Tamannah is tailor-made for the role of a rich dad’s daughter. She has improved a lot from her early films but still this is not enough.  Jagan is good though he has a little screen space. I’m so pity of Milind Soman. At least Atul Kulkarni had to do something more in Run than Milind in Paiya. Why villains always have long hair and unshaven faces, roaming in Scorpios and Tata Sumos? The action sequences are two, three, four much. Karthi beware of gaining yet another action hero image. Karthi is very much lacking in romance unlike Surya. Come on Karthi, you are a Gemini and possess a romantic name (Is it because of the missing K at the end??)

Shravs of Happy Days played Karthi’s friend and she lost the charm of Shravs and doesn’t look good as Priya. Like K.Balachander’s movies Tamannah’s step-mom and Karthi’s father characters are not shown though their voices are heard. The scene where Karthi hums his brother’s “Oru Maalai Ilaveyil…” and sings his father’s “En Kanmani Ilamaangani…” is like a tribute to them. He could have sung “Ennai Konjam maatri..” which might be a situational journey song and would have been like a tribute to his Anni Jo too.

On the whole Paiya is an action-romance packed entertainer. It is not a must-watch but a one-time watch for time-pass but not at the cost of Rs.220/ at Maayajaal. In Tamil, “Indha paiyyan romba Nalla Paiyan illenaalum Ketta Paiyyan illa.

My Rating: 2.5/5


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