Happy Holi

02 Mar

I dont celebrate Holi since it’s not a festival in South India. I have seen only in movies till I was in 10th. I have seen some of my Northi school mates celebrating Holi when I was in 11th & 12th but I haven’t participated. It was in my 1st year B.E. I celebrated Holi for the 1st time and an unforgettable Holi it was. Still I remember that day every year on Holi.

My father had come to our College. Since he is an Aarva Kolaaru, he responded to the letter sent from college regarding my low marks in the Model Exams and came to meet out HOD. So there was a hard discussion with me, my dad and our HOD post lunch. I sent my dad home and came to class.

My friend Rashmi is a Tamil speaking North Indian. She brought some colour powders that day. She alongwith my cousin Sunitha poured the colours on me and other friends Goldy, Reddy and Sweety. Sweety was scared and screamed when colour was thrown at her. This made one of our lecturers in the next class come to ours. He saw us playing with colours. But Rashmi and Sunitha went to the back bench as if they didnt know anything (Onnum theriyadha paappa madhiri nadichaanga). Rest of us were caught red-handed, no green-handed as the powder was green. He asked Sweety who threw colours at her. She tried to save us by telling that she didnt know but in vain. Since our hands were green which was in her cheeks, he confirmed that we applied colour on her face. Atlast we became victims. He took us to our HOD. That was really an embarassing moment as just an hour before, I was advised by him in front of my father. He stared at me deeply which meant I would never come up in life (Ivana ellaam thiruthave mudiyaadhu). He made us write an Apology Letter and left us. When we came back to class the real Culprits Rashmi and Sunitha made fun of us. Though it was an Embarassing day, it still stays in my memories evergreen like the Green Colour Holi Powder.

Later it became a custom in our college to celebrate Holi in our college, mostly by pouring ink, colour water and cold drinks. But I use to stay away of the colours as they are allergic.

Interestingly I watched Rang De Basanti in Kolkata with Mithun on Hoil 2006 (14th March).

P.S: This is a post written in my previous blog on last year Holi Day. Thoght of posting here too as it’s really an unforgettable day.


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