Goa – Review

02 Feb

Venkat Prabhu has made a mark with his first two movies Chennai-600028 and Sa-Ro-Ja which helped to grab the attention for his 3rd movie Goa. His movies are mostly fall under Comedy genre with a good technical team, good music of Yuvan and some spoofs. Goa means B3- Beach, Babes & Booze. The title itself has a beer bottle and a wine glass in it. So innovative. As usual the songs helped create more expectation as it has singers like Maestro Ilayaraja, S.P.B, Chithra, S.P. Charan, Andrea, Ajeesh of Airtel Super Singer fame. The highlight song is sung by the offsprings of Ilayaraja family Karthik Raja, Yuvan, Bhavatharini, Venkat Prabhu, Premji Amaran singing about the fame of their fathers and native place “Pannaipuram” near Madurai.

Me and my roommates planned to watch in Sathyam Cinemas but no ticket was available even when the advance booking started from midnight 12 of 27th Jan. We couldn’t even get the tickets in INOX, Devi, Sangam where we can enjoy this kinda flick with mixed audience. The only choice left was Mayajaal. 12 of us went to the 22.50 show on 30th Jan.


The film starts the Pannaipuram song with Titles followed by a cliched Panchayat scene with the same Vijayakumar as Naattaamai. Thank God Naattaamai theerppa maathi sollu kinda dialogues were not there. Vinayagam aka Vinay (Jai), Saamikannu (Premji Amaran) and Ramarajan(Vaibhav) are spoilt brats who want to leave from the village to spend a week in nearby city Madurai. They steal the God’s Jewels from the temple where Premji serves like Kovil Kaalai Vijayakanth (There’s a spoof flashback, his parents pray to Goddess Shakthi to bless them with a child and they would bring it up to serve the temple and the Goddess). They reach Madurai to meet Azhagar, Jai’s friend. They come to know that Azhagar is getting married and go to the wedding hall. To their surprise he marries a foreigner (Her name is Angelina Jolie). When the trio asks Azhagar (an ordinary, dark complexion guy) how he got the girl, he says he was a guide in Goa and got to meet and love Jolie who came as a tourist. He also says that he’s going to London and get settled. On hearing this, three of them decide to leave for Goa, to love and marry a foreign girl and to settle abroad. In Azhagarr’s wedding Premji meets a foreign girl, friend of Jolie and both of them fall in love at first sight with Kangal Irandaal background but Premji nodding his head like Jai. Phew!!! Enough spoof of that song!!!


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