104 degree Fever

30 Dec

I was suffering from severe fever and body pain since yesterday morning. Despite that I went to office by popping a paracetamol tablet. While having prawns fry on vaikuntha ekadasi I was just kidding my friend Sandeep that Lord  Balaji would punish him for consuming non-veg. But he has punished me it seems. Since I had pain in my legs and joints, everyone told it may be chikungunia . I couldn’t even walk without a support. Moreover I was shivering and couldn’t sit in the AC. Evening it got severe and I came to my house and slept off. My roomies told I was moaning and told me to consult a doctor. As I’m afraid of injection, I avoided and took tablets prescribed for my brother who is also suffering from viral fever. Whole night I was praying God that I should not get chikungunia as it’s very much terrible. This morning due to my brother’s compulsion, I went to a nearby hospital. I was advised to take injection and to do a blood test since symptoms of Malaria are there. The nurse is a fresher it seems and she couldn’t choose the right vein to take the blood. She pierced the needle somewhere and the vein got bulged. Another older nurse came and took blood from the other hand. Both my hands were paining. She also gave an injection which was not much painful. I came back to home, had the tablets and took rest. Now I feel much better that I’m writing this blog this time, watching Thenkinnam (Director Sridhar Special) in Jaya TV. I’m planning to go home for the New Year holidays since my mom is worried a lot that both me and my brother are suffering from fever which we normally don’t get suffered. I will also get free from my hectic work.

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Posted by on December 30, 2009 in Memories n Memoirs


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