12 Years Back

19 Dec

                I just wanna pen down about a sweet thing that happened 12 years back. One of my most favourite films “Kadhalukku Mariyadhai” was released on this day 12 years back. Many people think that it was released in 1998. But it was a slow pick up but a blockbuster movie. There was not even a single advertisement about the movie when it was released. It was like a re-entry to Maestro Ilayaraja. He just rocked. But no song was telecast in any of the channels till Pongal ’98. It entered as a Pongal Release in Top Ten Movies and Super 10 songs as Pongal release and maintained in 1st position for a long time and it was the best movie in the Annual Top 10 movies and Super 10 Songs. I’m so proud that I’m the Kadhalukku Mariyadhai community owner in Orkut which has more than 1000 members.

                But I didnt watch on this day. I watched on a 25th Dec 1997 with our school friends.  Thanks to my Maths teacher Mr. Ravichandran who took our students to the movie. I was sitting near my friend Andrews and he saw me crying during the climax. I was 15 then and since I was in my early teen, it’s so close to my heart. I became a fan of Vijay esp for his dressing and I got crush on Shalini.  I might have seen this movie for more than 100 times.

                The songs were like National Anthem for me when I was in 10th. My school crush Hema was a fan of “Chandiranai thottadhu yaar…” from Ratchagan. But when “Ennai thalaatta varuvaala..” got 1st position, the former went to second. The next day she regretted for that in the classroom. Soon she too became a fan of KM songs. But her favourite is “Oru Pattampoochi..”. I sang that song in our 10th Std Farewell day. After around 11 years I got to chat with Andrews (Thanks to Orkut) and we were discussing about the day we saw the movie.

P.S: Yesterday Vettaikkaran was released. But I’m no more a Vijay fan now. In fact I stopped liking him after Khushi. The last Vijay movie I watched and enjoyed in theater is Ghilli. After that, I stopped watching Vijay movies which are so similar and more irritating. Hope he would do some meaningful films.

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