My Love for Mumbai

27 Nov

Mumbai- I just hated this place till last year same day. I had been to Mumbai for 3 days when I was in my 3rd year Engineering. (Courtesy my aunt’s Amway convection). I went with my uncle and aunt from Bangalore. Being a cosmopolitan city, it didnt impress me despite its tall buildings and hot figures. I just hated the crowd, pollution and traffic. I was about to miss my train while leaving from Mumbai though I started 2 hours before. If I were 10 minutes late, I would have missed the train. From that day, I bid a big good-bye to Mumbai. Terrorism and insecurity  are the foremost factors to hate Mumbai. Hence I never showed interest to visit the place.

But after the Mumbai Terror attack on 26/11/08 and watching the Burning Taj, with gun shots all around a public place I wished to be in such a place to experience the thrill and adventure. I had seen only in movies (esp RGV). I wanted to join my then company’s Mumbai branch with Muru.  I had just underwent a surgery then so I didnt tell my wish to anyone. But believe it or not, on Dec 8th 2008, I got a call from our HR that I would get transferred to Mumbai. He told me to vacate Kolkata and join Mumbai asap. That time I was in Chennai in my uncle’s home. When I told this to my family, none wanted me to go since it was just 10 days after the Terrorist Attack. My friend Rachna might be the only happy person as she too loves Mumbai. But I believed that nothing would happen since my wish became true. One of my favourite Gods had answered my prayer. I left for Kolkata from Chennai by train and the next day itself I left for Mumbai with my bag and baggages. My uncle scolded me to be assertive and to tell my PM to get a week’s extension for transfer since I was a week patient then. But my zeal and will power gave me confidence to travel again 2 days by train. My mom still wonder as I was a delicate darling and a couch potat0 who never used to move from my place totake a glass of water. On 15.08.2008 midnight, I landed in my dream place at Dadar Station. Mumbai meri Jaan!

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