Friday the 13th

13 Nov

Don’t think this is a Horror post or a post about Ghosts and Devils. Generally 13 is considered an unlucky (the most unluckiest, in fact) number. And if 13 falls on a Friday, it’s the most dangerous and unluckiest day that something wrong would happen. In most of the horror movies, the door no of the hero’s/heroine’s house must be 13 (Right from13-aam number veedu till the more recent 13B/Yaaravrum Nalam). It would have been perfect if it had released two weeks before. Cos it was released on March 6th 2009. 2 weeks before was Feb 13th, which was a Friday!

But for me, 13 is one of the luckiest numbers nest to 1 series like 1, 10, 19 and 28. Some of my very good friends are 13 born. My friends Amit and Tarun who are brothers are very good examples for that. The Dates of Joining of my 2nd, 3rd and 4th jobs were on 13th of Aug, Feb and Jul respectively. Even today, many of my colleagues complimented me that I looked good in the pink T-shirt I was wearing today (Ahem! It’s an “osi” T-shirt). Even today I felt a symptom of a good thing that’s gonna happen. I’ll post that later.

P.S:  I would be so glad if my fiancee’s B’day is a 13th of any month except November. Cos I keep distance from those Venomous  Scorpions)

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Posted by on November 13, 2009 in Memories n Memoirs


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