An Unforgettable Day

09 Nov

Yes, today is an unforgettable day in my Life. last year same day, I experienced the pain caused due to Appendicitis. I was in Asansol in WB doing Drive test. I worked on that Sunday to get comp off and to attend my friend’s Rup Narayan’s wedding at Kolkata. From that morning I had vomitting sensation and I felt indigestion. I thought it’s because of the Vegetable biriyani I had last night in the Mumbai Kitchen restaurant. So I just had sprite in the morning and started my work. I went a Muslim residing area where beef were being prepared in many homes. I could control my vomitting sensation. Suddenly I got pain in my right abdomen and started vomitting. I thought I became a victim of food poison and went to a nearby hospital by taking Rs.3500 from ATM.

After reaching the hospital, my pain got increased and kept increasing. The lady doctor examined and asked me to lie on the bed and she went. But I started screaming as the pain was more and more. It’s the most vigorous pain I’ve ever experienced. I thought of a woman’s labour pain since it’s far more painful than this which is almost like a rebirth to her.I’m very much grateful to the driver Azad and the rigger Gaurang who were with me. I gave them Rs.200 and told them to buy the prescribed medicine. Then a nurse came and gave me a pain killer (Voveron injection) and a sedative. I felt better and felt asleep. I was taken to the General ward. Meanwhile X-ray was taken but I couldn’t feel anything since I was given sedative. After about an hour a male doctor came to me and examined my abdomen and told me that he had diagnosed Appedicitis and I had to undergo a surgery withing 24 hours. I was scared and called my mom. Till then I didn’t want to tell any of my family members as they would worry since I was away. As the doctor said about surgery, I couldn’t tell anything without consulting my mom who’s a nurse. I called her and was worried very much as I was crying in pain. She advised me to come back to Tamil Nadu or Kolkata to undergo the surgery. She told that she would come to Kolkata in the meanwhile. I told the doctor that i would go back to Kolkata and get the surgery done. The doctor gave me the X-ray and other Bills which showed Rs.2800/- When I inserted my hand to take my purse out of the Jean, I was shocked as my wallet was missing.

When I was asleep, someone had stolen my wallet. When I reported to the doctor, he just said that it’s not his concern and I was responsible for my belongings. He neither took any action nor interrogated the hospital workers. I was totally confused since I was in a place where I didnt know anyone ohter than the rigger Gaurang and driver Azad. I didnt suspect them but I suspected the doctor’s sub-ordinate (compounder??!!). Thank God, if I had undergone a surgery, one of my kidneys would have been stolen for sure. I didnt know anyone and I called my Administrative Executive Antara Nandy (Antara di for dear ones) since my Project Manager Mr. Annu Kumar was just a week new and I hadn’t met him. She immediately sent a person Ramakrishna, who was handling a project (Vodafone) in Asansol. I had heard about him from other colleagues since he’s a South Indian. For the people in South, all the Hindi speaking guys are North Indians eventhough they are from Gujarat or West Bengal. Similarly for them all the South Indians are from same place, speaking same language and watching stupid stunts of Rajnikanth/Nagarjuna. Ramakrishna is from AP. He came to the hospital and paid my Hospital bills and also thee Hotel bills where I was staying. Antara di had arranged a cab to take me from Asansol to Kolkata with Ramakrishna. In the mean time my uncle Aadhavun and my brother Deepak started from Chennai to Kolkata by flight. My brother, lucky guy got a chance to travel by air because of me.

Idaicherugal: Vaaranam Aayiram was the much-awaited movie then and it was supposed to release on Nov 14th 2008. My uncle was about to get 2 free tickets for its Premiere show (On Nov 13th at Satyam). When he told me I was in Asansol and he told he would give those tickets to my brother who was in Chennai. I told my uncle to give a ticket for me. He asked me how could I watch and I replied I would come to Chennai just to watch the movie and would go back to Kolkata. He was laughing at that time. But “vidhi valiyadhu“. The fate made him come to Kolkata along with my bro to pick me. But unfortunately he didnt get those tickets. Still I was happy as I would be in Tamil Nadu and could see VA.

I reached Kolkata and went to the airport to receive them. Then went to the AMRI, the so called best hospital of Kolkata. The admitted and examined me for a day and diagnosed that I dont have appendicitis. I was told that I got the pain due to some kidney stones. I also felt normal and thought I had nothing serious. But I wanted to leave from work for some days. Thanks to my PM who granted me medical leave to undergo surgery. So, happily i got discharged from AMRI and left for Chennai and from there I went to my home alone. None accompanied me since I was normal and believed that I didnt have Appendicitis issue. But it was diagnosed in Erode and I was told to undergo the surgery asap. I was thrilled to experience the first surgery of my life. Ironically, my surgery was fixed on Nov-14, 2008, the release date of Vaaranam Aayiram.

P.S:  I couldn’t thank the persons then. I wish to express my gratitude through my blog to them. I am very much grateful to the Driver Azad, the rigger Gaurang, Antara Di, Ramakrishna, Anupam Sir, my brother Deepak (thambiudaiyaan), my uncle and aunt who allowed him to go to Kolkata. Thank You All!!!

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