Kelviyin Naayagane- Kamalhaasan Special-1

05 Nov

Here I’m gonna raise Questions on Kamalhaasan and his movies. The speciality is I’m gonna answer all the questions. Thanks to my friend Bala for whom I use to give 6 questions every friday. This week I gave 7 Questions on Kamalhaasan. But here I’m gonna write 25 Q&A for the legendary actors 50th year in the Film Industry.

Kelviyin Nayagan mattum alla badhilgalin Nayaganum namma Nayagan Kamal dhaan

1. Which movie made you die-hard Kamal fan? – Devar Magan.
2. Mention your most fav 2 movies of Kamal in each Genere

Romance: Ek Duuje Ke Liye, Punnagai Mannan
Action: Nayagan, Kurudhi Punal
Comedy: MMKR, Simla Special
Drama: Mahanadhi, Nammavar
Rom Com: Singaravelan, Panchathanthiram
Thriller: Sigappu Rojakkal, Vettaiyadu Vilayadu
Tragedy: Moondram Pirai, Salangai Oli
Pucca Masala: Kaakkichattai,
Village Subject: 16 Vayadhinile, Devar Magan
Social Subject: Unnal Mudiyum Thambi, Anbe Sivam (Varumayin Niram Sigappu is more of KB movie)
Experimental Movie: Pesum Padam, Hey Ram
3. Which Kamal movie you have missed to watch and would like to watch?
I have not watched many of other languages movies. But till date I haven’t seen his 100th movie Rajapaarvai. Searched its DVD everywhere but in vain.
4. Which song do you like sung by Kamal?
Yaar yaar sivam is a mesmerising song. I like Pottu vaitha kadhal thittam from Singaravelan just for the high pitch. (I used to sing “Ninaivo oru paravai..” like Kamal in my school days)
5. Name 3 movies for which he deserved National Award but didnt get. (pls dnt say he deserves for all the movies)
Kamal deserved national awards for Sagara Sangamam (Telugu original of Salangai Oli), Pushpak (Originally Pesum Padam was released in Kannada though it’s apart from lanugage barriers), Anbe Sivam (Awesome acting and Flawless body language)
6.  Who’s the best pair for Kamalhassan after Sri Devi? (Coz she’s the 1st Best pair for him)
Ambika, Madhavi and Gautami shared very good chemistry with Kamal in the 80s.
7. Who’s the worst heroine of Kamal till date?
Roshini (Guna)
8. Which of his Supporting role you like?
I just love his role as Malayalam speaking Ventriloquist  in KB’s Avargal
9. Which movie of Kamal-Rajni starrer u like most?
Moondru Mudichu. Since Kamal’s role is very short, I would pick either from Ninaithale Inikkum &  Ilamai Oonjalaadugiradhu (but Rajni excels Kamal in the latter)
10. Whom do u want to direct his next film?
11. Which is your favourite Hindi movie of Kamal?
Ek Duuje Ke Liye as a movie, Sagar for his acting (Again EDKL is a KB Movie)
12. Which 5 Kamal songs do u like the most?
I like almost all the romantic songs of Kamal. But I always love to watch and listen to
1. Idhazhil kadhai ezhudhum from Unnal Mudiyum Thambi;
2. Andhi mazhai Pozhigiradhu from Raajapaarvai
3. Chippi irukkudhu from Varumayin Niram Sigappu
4. Valaiyosai from Sathya
5. Manjal Veyyil from Vettaiyadu Vilayaadu
13. Name 5 movies of Kamal u dont like?
1. Soora Samharam
2. Indhiran Chandhiran
3. Magarasan
4. Pammal K Sambandham.
5. Mumbai Express
I dont like these as movies. But Kamal’s acting is always at his 100%.
14. Which role of Kamal u were surprised at?
Kamal’s each and every role makes me surprise. “Appu” Kamal and Nepali Kamal of Enakkul oruvan had been a mysterious surprise for everyone. After Dasavatharam, it’s Fletcher
15. Which of his Cameo roles u like?
Thillu Mullu, Magalir Mattum
16. If u wish to watch a Kamal movie with ur GF which movie would you select?
Ek Duuje Ke Liye. It’s just a Romance Revolution
17. Which of Kamal-KB combo u like most?
Unnal Mudiyum Thambi (Cos till then the movies of Kamal-KB were like KB Movies but UMT is equally a Kamal and also KB movie)
18. Which of his Casanova roles you like the most?
I like Meendum Kokila more than Manmadha Leelai. I dont like him in Sollathan Ninaikkiren
19. Do u like him  calling Aandavar/Ulaganayagan?
Never. I just hate the titles like these. I always like Kamal or Kamalhaasan
20. What do you think the negative point in Kamal?
His height. He would have felt for that while acting with Simran and Tabu
21. Which is the first Kamal movie you ever watched?
I’m not sure. I was just 10-15 days baby when Salangai Oli was released. But it’s not the 1st movie I watched. Cos my mom left me to my granny and went to the movie. I remember that I saw Punnagai Mannan when i was 3 during my Chithappa’s wedding (Those days new movies were used to play in VCR). I watched Unnal Mudiyum Thambi in Salem. But at 10, knowing about cinema, it’s Devar magan that i watched, enjoyed and became his die-hard fan.
22. Define Kamal and Rajni
Rajni – a Simple, Humble, Modest and down to earth person. Kamal acts well like a Simple, Humble, Modest and down to earth person. Yes I mean it. We can see the pride in his eyes very clearly in any stage shows or interviews.
23. The Quality you like and dont like in Kamal.
I like : His passion and dedication towards cinema. His continuous experiments with Cinema in spite of  flop movies.
I don’t like : His so called modesty & humility which is nothing but pride and haughtiness.
24. Which movie u have watched more no. of times?
I’ve watched MMKR hella lotta times. Since it was released during the initial stage of Satellite TV, it was being telecast repeatedly in the cable channels. But I never get bore of seeing it n no. of times.
25. If you get a chance to watch a movie with the legend himself, which movie would you choose?
I would like to watch Hey Ram with him. Since I dont understand many scenes, I would clarify my doubts with the creator himself.
I thought of writing 50 questions. But I couldn’t think more than 25. So 25 Questions and 25 Answers make 50.
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