The Worst Caller Tune Service

03 Nov

I’m one guy who often change my Caller tune/Hello Tune. At times the callers get confused whether they called me or someone else. Esp my mom gets baffled when she calls me and tells me she was about to cut the call since the song was different. My first preference goes to Ilayaraja, A.R.Rahman or SPB, Shreya Ghoshal in any language. Next goes to R.D.Burman, Lata or Sonu in Hindi and Harris/Yuvan in Tamil.

Since Kamalhassan’s B’day is nearing, I would like to give a tribute to the legendary actor.  I thought to keep a Kamalhassan song  as my Hello Tune. Nothing can match Kamalhassan-SPB-Ilayaraja trio. Since the  monsoon started, the first choice was “Andhi mazhai pozhigiradhu…” from Kamal’s 100th movie Rajapaarvai.  I tried in Vodafone’s Music Search. It has the worst caller tune service I’ve ever used. You never get any new song immediately after the audio release. Airtel is the BEST service provider in as far as Hello Tunes are concerned. I had “Nila nee vaanam kaatru..” from Pokkisham as Hello Tune (On Apr 30th 2009) just  a week after its Audio Lauch . Vodafone doesnt have much collections esp in Tamil. I didnt get Andhi Mazhai pozhigiradhu and kept on trying like Pepsi Uma says. If we dont get the song we search and keep on searching, some other song would be set automatically as our caller tune. Some faltu song was automatically set and I didnt give up and tried again and again like Ghajini. It could neither recognize Andhi mazhai nor Rajapaarvai. When I said “Andhi mazhai” it was given Anbe sivam and “Anbe Vaa” songs. When I sent sms to 55655, I got the results Andhi mazhai megam, andhi varum neram but not the evergreen Andhi mazhai.  I tried 3-4 times  and I was fed up. I was thinking to finalise “Yaar yaar sivam” with Kamal’s mesmerising voice but eventually I set the  song “Mouname paarvaiyaai…” from Anbe Sivam. as the Caller Tune. It’s an awesome romantic melody by Vidhyasagar in the raga Dwijavanti I think. Hope many would have not heard this song.

Note: This song is not present in the movie and it’s there only in the Audio Album. In a recent Live Phone-in Interview with Kamalhassan in Kalaignar TV. Most of the callers were Celebrities like Nasser, Shivakumar, Rohini, Ramesh Aravind, Kala Master, Ramkumar Ganesan, et al.  S.P.Balasubramaniam called as a Kamal fan to wish him for his 50th Glorious year in Tamil Cinema. He asked Kamal why the song was not present in the movie. Kamal regretted and apologised him and convinced him that due to the length of the movie, it was dropped and he too felt sorry for rejecting such a nice melody. Hence I set this rare song as my Caller Tune just to fulfill S.P.B’s wish.

P.S: “Andhi mazhai pozhigiradhu…” has one more behind it for which I have to write a separate blog.

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