Happy Dussehra/ Vijaya Dasami

28 Sep

                       Today is Dussehra, the 10th day after Mahalaya. According to Mythology, Lord Rama killed Ravana on this Day and this marks the Victory of Good over Evil. Idols of Ravana are burnt on Dussehra in North India and in some parts of Karnataka and AP. It’s well shown in the movie “Aasai” where Prakash Raj was killed on Dussehra and ppl celebrate by burning Ravan outside. In Kolkata, this day is celebrated as Bijoya Doshomi. It’s also celebrated as an occassion to celebrate good over evil. The Pooja Pandals are normally dismantled on this day. Last day I was wearing a Kurta and was roaming with Ami and Arpita in South Kolkata. It was a memorable day.

                      In Tamil Nadu, Ravana is not burnt. My Hindi friends were telling that they couldnt find and Ravana idol nor a Durga idol in Chennai. Vijaya Dasami is celebrated as a occassion o start a new thing. Generally, children are admitten in schools or to learn any sort of education/arts. It’s called Vidyarambh. It’s also an occassion to thank the teachers. In Mahabharatha, the Pandavas completed their 12 years of disguise and they were back to Hasthinapuram on Vijaya Dasami. Vijayan refers to Arjun.

                       I didnt commence any new thing today. But I restarted my Carnatic singing. When I started singng in front of my uncle’s golu, I couldnt recall the lyrics of many of the songs like Mamavatu Sri Saraswathi, Pahimam Sri Raja RajeshwariHimagiri Thanaye Hemalathe..”, etc which I was singing by heart. I just sang “Devi Neeye Thunai in Keeravani and Sri Chakra Raja Simhasaneshwari in Ragamalika (Chenchurutti, Punnagavarali, Nadanamakriya and Sindhu Bhairavi). The latter was sung twice, alone once and 2nd with mama in front of the golu. It was a nice start and I need to practise regularly. (But my job doesnt gimme time)

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Posted by on September 28, 2009 in Celebrations, Festivals


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