Got 500 Friends in Orkut!

24 Sep

                            Yesterday my Orkut friends list reached 500. Interestingly, my cousin (Periyamma‘s daughter) Veena became my 500th friend. I was surprised to see her profile and gave her a friend request a couple of weeks back but she accepted yesterday only it seems. Usually I dont add unknown strangers just for a count. But I like to chat and  interact with like-minded ppl even if they are unknown. I have got many good friends whom I havent met yet. Hope I would get more good friends and reach 1000 (The max limit of Orkut in a single profile).

                             I was surprised to see Veena’s profile bcos just a month back she entered her 1st year Engineering and immediately she joined Orkut. Nowadays many school children are in Orkut. I  joined Orkut when I was 22. I started browsing and created an email id after I completed my 12th. Till then I didnt know anything about the terms browsing, surfing, chatting, et al and had just seen in the movie Kadhalar Dinam. Technology has developed sooooo much and kids get over exposure. I have to get prepared not to get shocked if my 10 year old cousin Vybu gives me a friend request tomorrow.

P.S: I wanted my latest Orkut crush Jaanu to become my 500th friend. But unfortunately it was not accepted. Unlucky gal!!!

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Posted by on September 24, 2009 in Memories n Memoirs, Milestones


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