Reached 10000 Scraps

15 Sep

                        10000 Scraps

                      Hurray, Today I got my 10000th scrap in my Orkut scrap book. Thanks to Nikhil for writing the 10000th scrap. I joined Orkut on Jun 01 2006, on my B’day with the invitation given by my friend Naresh. That time, none of my friends was in Orkut. I made many of my Kolkata colleagues join Orkut and I was Orkutting 24/7. Even on Sundays, I used to go to Office and started Orkutting. In one year I got around 4000 scraps and more friends. In the 2nd year (In 2008) of Orkut I got around 8000 scraps. I should have reached 10000 much before, if I had been in my regular pace. But after July 2008, I was not a regular orkutter since I started field work. After coming to Mumbai also, Orkutting was less due to heavy work. I targetted to reach 10000 for my 2009 B’day but it took 3 more months to reach. So I dont consider it’s a feat. I aimed to have 500 friends in my list, that too couldnt be attained. I dont think I can reach 12000 for my 2010 B’day (4th year) since I have the most hectic work here in Chennai. Let me keep the fingers crossed and aim for 12000+ in the 4th year.

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  1. king of orkut

    June 15, 2010 at 11:05 am


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