12 Sep


                        This is the 25th post of this blog. Hence I want to post about my favourite actor Surya’s 25th film “Singam” which is in the pipeline to be directed by Hari. Surya started his career in 1997 in Vasanth’s Nerukku Ner. It’s been 12 years and just now he’s doing his 25th film.  He does averagely 2 films a year. Whereas his co-stars Vijay and Ajith who started their career around 1992 did their 25th films in 6-7 years (Ajith – Amarkkalam in 1999, Does anyone know what is Vijay’s 25th film?). Their 49th films Asal and Vettaikkaran are yet to be released. They are waiting for a good director for their 50th films.

                        Surya has been more selective. He was doing chocolate-hero and candy-flossflicks. But after Nandha, we got a very different Surya. Thanks to Bala for moulding the actor. Surya knows Slow and Steady always wins. He has done pretty decent films unlike Vijay and Ajith who has given more masala movies. He differentiates himself in every film. He was nothing when he entered the Tinsel town. He improved himself in every aspect like acting, dance, action, voice modulation, comedy, and shows his verstality. He did a good start in 2009 with Hi-tech Masala Ayan. He teams up with the King of Commercial Movies K.S.Ravikumar in Aadhavan which is a Diwali release. The songs are already creating waves. Again teaming up with Hari, known for his masala pot boilers seems that Surya goes in the commercial track. Vaaranam Aayiram is a milestone movie for the actor. I wish him to do class and mass movies alternatively like Kamal snce he follows the legend’s foot steps. Anyways, I wish Surya for his 25th movie and expect him to reach 50 sooner.


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