05 Sep

3rd Sep 2009

                   Andhra Pradesh CM is missing. This was the headlines today morning. When one of my Telugu colleagues Vinay told me, he would have worried a lot that why he told me after my reply. I’m ashamed of myself after his gesture. I’m soooo weak in Politics that I dont even know who’s the CM of AP. Politics for me is like Music for Bhairavi in KB’s Sindhu Bhairavi (கிலோ என்ன விலை?)  Till today I was thinking that Chandra Babu Naidu as the CM. Since I’m well-versed in Cinema, I can say who’s who of Tollywood. Even in Newspaper, I first go to the PAGE 3 or I read the supplement (Metro Plus, Friday Review, Calcutta Times, Life, Bombay Times, Mumbai Mirror and now Chennai Times). I read the gossips and glitz but never give a glance for the Headlines. I would have come to know if Chiranjeevi or Nagarjuna met with an accident. I felt so sorry when Soundarya’s  flight crashed. I have decided to know atleast the CMs of all the States.

                          Sorry Mr.Y.S.Rajashekhara Reddy, I came to know about you after your demise. The people who have died for him shows the Stupidity. But it shows that you had been good to them. May Your Soul Rest In Peace.

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