Oye It’s Friday

05 Sep

Sep 4th 2009

              Last two days had been toooooooooooo hectic. I slept for about 5 hours in 48 hours that too not at a stretch.   I forgot today is Friday. When one of my colleagues asked me the day, I told him Thursday. I couldn’t give questions for my friend “Blog” Bala for his post “Friday fillins”. I had assured my Mumbai friend Surendra for writing an Official mail for him. I totally forgot everything. We were supposed to do the Drive Test for the newly launched 17 sites of Datacom. When the RF Head Mr.Ananta Narayanan told his subordinate that he sent the team before 10.30am since after that ‘raagu kaalam’ would have started. That time only I saw the calender in my mobile and said to me “Oye It’s Friday”. It was around 8 pm.

                       Since I work on all days, I dont realise about weekends. I feel the week never ends. I miss the Fridays when I was in Mumbai. Inspite of more work pressure, I alongwith my few colleagues go to the nearby Bar cum Restaurant to booze just to let out our frustration. Even there’s no pressure or frustration, we uesd to drink. I used to type “Oye It’s Friday” to my “Glass”-mates Ganesh, Vinayak, Prasad and Brijesh. (Not to Muru as he sat beside me).  Even some non-drinkers like Milind, Chetan and Ketan joined us just for masti and fun. Muru had always been the joker of the day (INDICATOR:-In our college Dictionary). From 8 to 12, it would be full of fun. I miss those days in Chennai. Here, my colleagues drink daily in the Guest House but I join them rarely. I’m not a drunkard who’s addicted but I drink beer or vodka within my limits ocassionally with my close Friends only. Wish to get those Fridays back.

P.S.: Long long ago I was a strict vegetarian on Fridays chanting Lalitha Sahasranama during Raagu Kaalam, used to visit Temples. I hated those who drink and have fought with many of my friends for drinking. But now ?? Time has changed me a lot.

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