Happy B’day Grandpa

05 Sep

                      Today my Paternal Grandather (Thatha – Tamil; Dadaji-Hindi) turns 80. He has completed 80 successful years of his Life today. Today we have planned to go to Thirukkadaiyur Abirami Temple. Since I didnt get leave, my parents have cancelled the trip. He doesnt like it too since he’s a aethist.

                      The quality I admire most in him is that he’s a voracious reader. He reads anything and everything and he makes notes of what he read in his Diary. The thing I dont like in him is that he insists me also to read whatever he’s scribbled (Sema mokkai). He has a good command over English and an excellent vocabulary. He’s a regular reader of The Hindu and Readers’ Digest. He has a good collection of Books that I preserve. 

                     He’s a typical Virgo. He’s a very good organiser. He collects all his receipts, bills and bank papers neatly filed. Even at 80 he washes his own clothes without any help from our servant-maid. He’s very much health-concious. He always prefers fruits and vegetables to snacks. He believes in Homoeopathy and Naturopathy. He’s very active and a  hard-worker. Even after getting retired from Southern Railways, he worked as Principal in some Institutions. He’s sarcastic at times. My mom always tells that I have got the  sarcasm from him, alongwith a tongue that yearns for delicious food. He loves to be with family and friends, loves to attend functions like marriages, any get togethers. I have got those characteristics too from him. 

                      He loves  my grandma a lot who is no more. He treated her like a Queen (may sound cliche but true). He would have broken into pieces when she was diagnosed Cancer. He spent almost all his money to save her but in vain. She passed away in 1993. But he always keeps her photo in his room and I feel like he tells everything to her through the photo. I cant imagine how would it be if she were alive. But it would be very nice to see their love at this age.

                        I wish him a very Happy B’day and also I wish him to see his 3rd generation too.

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Posted by on September 5, 2009 in Birthdays


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