Happy B’day Ganesha

24 Aug

                           23rd Aug 2009                                                                           Ganesha

              Vinayakar is a favourite God for most of us. He’s the first God and He finds place in almost all the temples. People visit Him first before going to the main Sannidhi. He is very adjustable and so he can be seen even under Trees and at the trijunction. Unlike Mumbai’s Sidhhi Vinayak Temple, He doesn’t have an individual Temple (Famous and big) here. I went to Sidhi Vinayak temple twice but came back after seeing the crowd. I like to worship God in a peace and calm condition. According to Tamil Mythology, Vinayaka is a bachelor. But in Northern parts of India, He has two wives “Ridhi” and “Sidhi”. Recently I visited a famous Vinayaka Temple at Pondicherry with His two wives.

           I have heard about the Grand celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi in Mumbai. The next day of the Chaturthi (not panchami) is Bisarjan (Immersion of Ganesha idols in the Sea) It is a must-watch in Mumbai which is a Holiday too. But immersing those Idols in the Sea would cause lot of environmental issues. My friend Bala may write a Social Awareness Blog on this topic. But unfortunately I left from Mumbai without celebrating the Ganesh Chaturthi.

           Today I had work. Instead of going to Temple and worship Ganapathy, we went to office and worked with our Boss Mr. Ravi Ganapathy. I missed Sundal, Kozukkatai, Paayaasam, Special programmes especially the movies Siva Manasula Shakthi, Puduppetai and Special Maanada Mayilada, etc.

Work is WORSHIP!

Ganapathi Bappa Mourya!!!

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