Oy- Not a Heart-Touching Movie

21 Aug


                            Siddharth is a pretty decent actor whose movies always creaate an expectation in me. Since this is Shamili’s debut with Yuvan’s rocking music, my expectations became much higher. Two of my Telugu colleagues used to listen to the songs continuously (esp Sehree…) which made few other Northie guys watch the movie. I read somewhere that it’s a remake of the Blockbuster Idhayathai Thirudaadhey (Gitanjali in Telugu). But it’s a different inspiration of Erich Seagal’s Love Story. Hero comes to know the final days of the heroine and fulfills her wishes. Poor, Shalini she gets patient role and dies in her debut movies (Both, as a child in Anjali and as a heroine in Oy).

                          Sidharth (Uday) is a spoiled brat and Shamili (Sandhya) is a girl of principles and ambitions. He falls in Love at first sight on a New Year Eve (and his B’day too) in a Pub where he sees her in a churidhar among half-naked girls. She’s fond of Numerology and makes friends according to their birth charts. She doesnt want to make friendship with him saying that their numbers dont match. He immediately becomes as a Paying Guest in her house and soon captures her heart soon. The so-called comedy by Sunil in the 1st half is annoying so much.  The first half is pretty decent and good. In the first-half itself we come to know that Shamili has cancer and her days are numbered. The 2nd half  is about fulfilling her wishes. It’s lengthy and dragging too much. The Pradeep Rawat scenes are ok but Bramhanandam irritates with the other fatty boy. Shamili’s death is also sudden and purely cinematic. Napolean doesnt score much.

                    Some brilliant shots are there in the 1st half. For instance, when Sidhu n Shamili talk over phone, the audience think they are conversing with each other. But bothof them talk to their respective friends. The proposing scene is simply amazing where he presents 12 gifts for her B’day, the 12th being his Love proposal. When Shamili presents him 12 gifts in the 2nd half is amazing again yet sad.


Music is a great plus for the movie. The picturisation, locales, Art direction (Shamili’s beach house is simply awesome) and Sidhu’s costumes deserve special mention. Shamili’s looks are average. She cant be compared with her sis Shalini whose expressions are incredible with her attractive eyes (A Scorpion na). The second half should have been more intense and should have made the audience feel for Shamili’s death. No need of more melodrama like “Ezhundhiru Anjali Ezhundhiru” kinda climax.  But it should have made an impact. But a great thanks for the director for making a decent movie without item numbers,violence and cine masala.

Plus: 1st half  is good. Sidharth and Yuvan score.  

Minus: Annoying Comedy, boring 2nd half, climax that didnt touch the Heart

Rating: 2.5/5

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One response to “Oy- Not a Heart-Touching Movie

  1. balasrini

    August 22, 2009 at 7:16 pm

    Haven’t seen the movie yet…
    but eager to see it for siddarth…
    let me tell my verdict after watching it..


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