Happy Independence Day

15 Aug

Happy Independence Day

Today I felt the Independence and Freedom. SO, today is the Real Independence Day for me. After a loooong time I went for outing forgetting work.After coming to Chennai, I hardly could find time to spend time with my family and friends. I’m literrally House-arrested, Guest-house arrested. I forgot sleep, weekend, mobile chats, freaking out with pals, movies in theater, Manada Mayilaada, Haasini Pesum padam, etc, etc. All I have for my company is my Laptop with Wi-fi. Thank God, Orkut and blog are still with me. I felt like a prisoner goes out of the prison on bail (not temporarily) for days.

I went to Pondicherry alongwith new colleagues. We first went for boating at Muttukkadu , then to the Crocodile bank, later to Mahabalipuram, and reached Pondicherry in the night. This is the first time I’m going to Pondicherry. When we started our Sumo on the ECR Road, I was singing “siragugal neeludhe…” (within myself). The best part in the trip is that we played Beach Volley ball in a beach nearby Manappakkam. The worst part is food. The guys are spending a lot for Smoking and Drinking but they ordered food by seeing the price in the Menu card. Too bad…

Happy Independence Day!!!

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Posted by on August 15, 2009 in Celebrations, My Musings


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