Happy B’day Shri Krishna

14 Aug

Krishna and I

  Aalilai Kannan

                                Shri Krishna has been my favourite God since childhood. He was my chikldhood hero. Especially, I like “Aalilai Kannan” very much. I used to wear a chain with that dollar. My grandma kept telling me the stories of Krishna (Krishna Leela) that fascinated me a lot. Once my father told me that he would gift me something if I get 1st rank. I got 1st rank (Sathiyamaa) and asked him for a Krishna statue. He was quite surprised and presented me a 1 1/2 feet blue coloured Krishna Statue made of clay. Still I keep it in my Pooja room. I loved to watch devotional movies on Krihsna in my childhood. I remember the movies like Dasavatharam (Old one), Thirumal Perumai, Lakshmi Poojai, etc. in theatres (Not in TV/DVD).


                     As I was brought up in a Brahmin area, Gokulaashtami, Navarathri are very common. On Janmashtami, the houses are decorated by drawing the Footprints (Krishnar Paadham)of Baby Krishna using Arisi maavu. It’s believed that the Small Krishna comes into the house and eats his favourite dishes. Most of the women use to draw an “8” for the shape of foot and draw 5 small lines for fingers. My neighbour Savitha Akka used to make Krishnar paadham by closing her fist (as if she goes to punch a person) and immersing her  closed fist in the arisi maavu and makes the print on the floor and keeps 5 dots for which look like exact toes of a child. Her mom Indhra maami prepares the best Arisi Murukku and Kaara seedai. I heavily missed her dishes when they shifted from our Colony.

                                               In films, Gokulaashtami scenes are less. In the Vikraman movie Gokulam, the hero’s mother draws Krishnar paadham everyday in front of her house instead of normal Kolams thinking that her lost son Kannan would come one day. In Meendum Kokila Kamal and Sridevi played typical Bahmin couple. He keeps his 5 year old daughter’s (Anju then, Ambadhu now) legs in the maavu vessel and makes her walk till the Pooja room. A funny scene!!!


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2 responses to “Happy B’day Shri Krishna

  1. balasrini

    August 22, 2009 at 7:00 pm

    I just luv Aalilai krishna… he is one of the cutest.. and I like the krishna in the field of Kurukshetra… and I just love Gokulashtami for the seedai and appam that would given by my neighbour..

    • Kaarthik

      August 25, 2009 at 3:05 am

      I miss those good old days


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